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It's all easy. C'est ici & Fronteriors #DIYchallenge accepted. It has been a while since we are on IGTV and we thought that it would be a good idea to show you our latest mini install. So what's the story here? Why the fuzz? Watch our video and see how easy is the whole process, from choosing the right look to installation. For more information on Fronteriors go to www.fronteriors.co

The Line Concept 

When it comes to bespoke pieces, we absolutely love working with The Line Concept. The Line Concept is a furniture design studio with our own production facilities based in Dubai. Each piece is handcrafted by our in-house team. Our philosophy is that living spaces critically determine moods, emotions and conversations. One line in a space can alter more than just a piece of furniture.  We work with solid woods, genuine marble, and antiqued metals - materials that are timeless yet alive. We are focused on clean but creative lines, the finest materials, and creating tasteful furniture that are true pieces of art. Fro more information go to www.thelineconcept.com

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