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Risky Treasures

Recreating the existing

'Your home should be a reflection of who you are and a collection of what you have''

This post is dedicated to all the lovely things collected through your journey; they have a story, created memories and will create history among your space. The secret of styling and décor is not changing your whole home upside down in order for the place to look amazing. We are very much into RECREATING the EXISTING.

Hands up, to all of us whom once upon a time bought a master piece of furniture, which has gone out of fashion through the years or does not fit quite right with our new furniture. Here we are… We believe most of us have one or two pieces ready for a little bit of interior surgery.

Let us introduce you to this lovely dinning table. It was bought nine years ago in Marina Home. It is certainly a beautiful piece and it goes perfectly with a rustic chic style. However, the chairs and overall look did not fit quite right with the whole look and feel of the villa. (Mix and match of rustic and bohemian style with a hint of petroleum blue)

Our chosen color palette, Deep Blue Sea, was our starting point and we decided to revamp the textile and incorporate deep blue sea velvet. Once we were clear about the color, we then decided that it was time to say good bye to steel and hello to mat gold.

Here are our three tips and tricks to recreate your existing: (1) be determined about the change (2) find the right carpenter (3) be clear about the concept and visualize the rendering within the whole décor of your house.

Here are a few peaks of befo




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