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Home Makeover: Al Safa Blooms

5 Steps to a Home Makeover


Welcome to one of our favorite makeovers located at the heart of AL SAFA 1. It is the beginning of the year, and we had to make sure that we officially REVEAL the makeover of this lovely villa.

It was June 2017 and C’est ici has just been born. As a team, we decided that we would focus on the strategy and planning of our business. Well, our plan was soon cut loose, as a lovely expat family approached us for some help. The family has recently moved to Jumeirah, and needed a significant change to their new home. We were delighted to take on the project but there was one problem, they needed our help immediately and we were not in town. I was in Miami and Tati was in Colombia.

Well, we loved the project so much that we said YES! The scope of work for this project was the styling and decoration of five rooms and two space areas, including the entrance. We kicked off the project with measurements and photographs taken by the client. The design concept for each room was created remotely, which was of great advantage as we were both inspired by our travels. Most of the ideas came through our day to day exposure to color palettes and new places we discovered through the summer. It was refreshing and creative.

Between several Skype conference calls, and a great deal of work behind the scenes, we styled this beautiful casita in the midst of Al Safa. Once, we both landed in Dubai, it was time to shop and make our vision come to life. We are now delighted to reveal the end result of our work and the amazing family behind this project. We will now give you a short cut of five steps to efficiently revamp your home.


STEP 1: Keep it or Leave it

Our client was determined for a change but they wanted to keep some key pieces. We were lucky enough to work around these basic pieces with a new approach. One of our tips, before we start a project is make sure that you DECLUTTER. Be determine and keep what you is significant to you and leave the rest. See some of the oldies but goodies.


We kept the sofas.

We kept the dining table, white buffet and mirrors.

We kept the tipi, drawer and beds.


Pendant, rattan chairs and





Plant Pot


Coffee Table

Hanger & Wall Paper

Bed Linen




STEP 2:Define Your Color Palette

The space in this villa is absolutely amazing and gave us the opportunity to create statement walls but keep track of our color palettes. Add accent and statement colors to that chosen color palette. See below some of our inspirations.

a. Shades of pale rose pink with a hint of grey and stone

b. Shades of pastels with a pinch of azules.

c. Shades of dusty rose with a hint of gold and wooden accents.

d. Shades of grey, with a hint of velvet and snowy white accents.

e. Shades of grey with a hint of pastel coral and botanical accents.

f. Shades of coffee grey with a hint of marble accents.

STEP 3: Statement Shades

For us pendants are statement pieces and can bring a room together. We were risky but yet down to earth and brought to life some exciting pieces.


STEP 4: Keep it Girly

A big part of the project was the girl’s room and the play area. Our main aim was to match our client's expectations with C’est ici touches. This is where the HUA TREE and the VALERIE rooms were born. The biggest reward was when the girls saw the final result and start jumping with happiness.


STEP 5: Travel To Get Inspired

We must say that a huge part of this project was our inspiration through our travels and exciting summer. Most of the ideas were born in night outs, Colombia and most importantly our focus was to create something unique and close to our client’s hearts and DNA.

Hope you like our reveal and tips.

Design and styling by C'est ici

Photography by Natelee Cocks

Tati and Moni



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