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The Art in your life

The importance of ART in your life


“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. " Pissarro.


Pissarro’s quote is one of my favorites. In my opinion, art is the ability to see beauty in the simple things on a daily basis and to be able to make extraordinary out of the ordinary. Art in all possible expressions, is what makes US.

Danilo Rojas

My passion for art started at a very young age. It was thanks to my mama who is a multidisciplinary artist and I was fortunate enough to inherit her passion for all the expressions of art.

When I think of art, I think of a universal language; it unites citizens of the world and creates a connection with parallel realities.

There is nothing more enjoyable than to be touched by a feeling or a specific emotion derived from a piece of art. When I say piece of art, I’m talking about art in any of its expressions. I think this exchange of feelings is produced by a different state of mind, that does not need translators or explanations. This dialogue is simply in another intellectual level. It is important to learn what we like and dislike, what touches our soul or our innermost desire, or what does not move us.

Art is almost an exercise of introspection. In my opinion, the more we know who we are, the better we can define our taste for art. There it lies... 'the importance of art in our lives'. Art allows us to be who we really are without masks or disguises, it is our purest and most honest expression, it is our naked identity.

This is why it is healthy to surround yourself with art. It is an important contribution to the development of our creativity by alleviating frustrations or stress. Since our home is a reflection of our essence,is ideal to surround yourself with art. It develops the most sensitive and authentic part of our personality.

I would like to share some of my favorite art pieces collected through the years.


Lisandro Ramacciotti

Leonardo Pineda


My top tips to start your art collection.

1. GET AROUND: Start visiting galleries and art exhibitions near your home. It is a great start to get inspired and get to know your taste for all things artsy.

2. FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT: Follow your instincts. Follow your heart and taste. There is no point in having art pieces for the sake of filling empty space. My advice is to go for something that means something to you. Travels is always a very good start.

3. INVEST WISELY: If you are on a budget invest in up and coming artists, you never know what the future holds for your piece.

4. EXPLORE YOUR ANCESTORS: Explore your mama's or granny’s attic. You would be surprised on finding treasures hidden. rRemake the existing by updating the frames. Flea markets are always a MUST to find hidden gems.

5. ART ONLINE: There is a huge range of galleries online and art platforms that offer different art media with affordable prices. Some of my favorites are the following.

Written by Tatiana Jaramillo

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