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Home Decor: Nine looks in One day

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

NINE looks in ONE day

In collaboration with White Moss and Home & Soul

You may recall that a few months ago, to be exact on the 5th December 2017, we had the honor to style the new collection (now not so new) from White Moss and Home and Soul. While is a little bit late, is never to late to officially REVEAL this exciting project.

Let’s start... the loveliest Leanne Moss, founder of White Moss and Carol Sukkar founder of Home & Soul, merged forces and approached us for the styling and decoration of their new collection. While it has been a few months since we materialized this lovely collaboration, we wanted to write about our work and give some tips to style and decorate different rooms in one day.

We were approached to style and decorate nine different rooms with items from White Moss, an online boutique which involve genuine craft products, infused with soul, using beautiful natural materials, in a neutral color pallet, working in harmony with any home and complementing any color and style. Along with products from Home & Soul, a lifestyle concept store that blends furniture, fashion, design and accessories, oh of course coffee.

We had one day to style the showroom and another day to shoot our work. We didn’t hesitate and took this lovely collaboration on and we are delighted to share our journey with all of you.

We bet the first question popping in your mind is whether we completely improvised our styling tricks or whether we planned and staged all the rooms. Well, let me tell you that this one of the most important tips of all, there is a mix of both but 70% is definitely prep work and we advice that you take good note of this. The designing and styling of a room, is not an instant magic reaction, but is a process and you should invest a good amount of time assessing the outcome.

We have rounded up a few steps to style nine room in one day. I hope you like them and apply these tricks into the makeover of your casitas:


At C’est ici, we called it “manitas creativas’’. This is the time, where we literarily lock ourselves into a room and think only on a specific project, brainstorming session is definitively ON. Our starting point has always been the concept board. But, what is a concept board? This is the creation of your ideas of a given space, defined by color palettes, textures, styles and any given piece of art that inspires you. We love our concept boards and this time we got creative with them. See below, the concept boards we created for this collaboration.


Once we had the concept boards defined, we kicked off by choosing the color palette for each room. Be clear that we are not aiming to coordinate colors but simply to organize them. Choosing color palettes can be tricky and frequently one of the stages where sometimes clients loose track. We like to stick to one color palette and add accent colors along then way. Pick one stand out color and work around it.


We decided to create NINE looks by defining the style for each room. Choosing the style of the room is one of the most important decisions when styling a room. While you can always mix and match styles, it is important to define one style and add layers of other styles to your chosen style. At C’est ici, we often named our projects with real names or names of specific locations. This gives a look and feel of the style we are looking for. Here are the styles we defined for this collaboration.


Inspiration: The inspiration was the flamingo and its beautiful life on this earth. We wanted to bring nature come to life and implemented botanicals and a soft palette. We wanted for this look to reflect a welcoming space yet relax approach.


Inspiration: Inspired by Asian customs. Gold with a touch of grey and a hint of nude. We wanted to create a space where minimalism meets with eclectic touches. Gold was our best friend.


Inspiration: An elegant and romantic approach for a dining room. Inspired in the company and the gathering of our loved ones. Gold with a hint of black and a scoop of rattan was the perfect recipe to bring this look together. Hanging plants and patterns were the cherry on the top for this look.


Inspiration: Capri was the main inspiration for this look, sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. Our colour palette was defined by the beautiful scenery of Capri. Our palette was definitively towards pastels tones with a hint of rattan. This is where contemporary meets boho chic.


Inspiration: Inspired by Sevilla nights and its wonderful surroundings. A round table is one of the most social settings and we wanted to embrace this. Nature and its magic played a key role in our look, we wanted to create a very cozy yet chic look by adding hanging leaves from the ceiling.


Inspiration: C’est ici wanted to bring Africa and added all the most lovely tribes from its culture to life. Naturals, rattan, whites and tribal items were the protagonist on this look.


Inspiration: Our main inspiration was the love for a sister. Sisters are your friend, and stay right by your side when the road twist and bends. This beautiful room was designed to reflect love and friendship. Select your gradient of colour and use furniture and accessories within that spectrum. You can freely use different shades across the different gradient and complete it by adding no more then 3 pops of colour be it a plant, vase or throw.


Inspiration: We wanted to reflect WHITE MOSS on its essence. ''The power of simplicity and nature in your home, creating a sense of peace and inner calm'', adding our tech of botanicals made this look just very WHITE MOSS. This is for that awkward nook in the house that you want to make use of but don’t know what to do with it. Find a chair or sofa and using a multitude of botanics of different sizes and heights place them carefully around it to create a zen seating area for you to meditate, read or just relax!


Defining accent pieces is one of our favorite stages in the styling and decoration process. In this project, we chose the statement pieces of both brands and created an atmosphere around them by defining their brand and recognizing the importance.


Defining space is one of the most important stages of styling. Where you place your furniture and how you place this. We made a few surprises along the day and absolutely love the outcome of this lovely collaboration. We hope you enjoyed this tour of interior heaven.

Styling by @cestici_. Featuring @whitemossdecor and @homeandsouldubai and @thehabitat Photos by @nateleecocks

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