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Valencia - Master Room Reveal

Valencia: Master Bedroom Makeover

C'est ici Tips on how to get an edgy and modern industrial look


Say hello to Valencia! We are back into track amigos and we are super excited to reveal this edgy master bedroom with so much character. One feeling for this makeover 'out of our comfort zone'.

This time the feed is quite different from our usual interiors stamp and we are over the moon with the result. We are getting out of our comfort zone and we absolutely love it!

We are very often asked about our style and aesthetic. We pretty much have always the same answer. Both Tati and I, have very different styles, one more riskier than the other and bolder than the other... and trust me, it works. Our designs are 100% a mix of our style and the client's vision. As you most probably know, we are very client driven and ultimately we shape our designs with their vision. For this particular project, the style was solely from the client but we came up with a very particular plan.

On this lines, let's start with the basics. What is an industrial style? Was it something only invented in 2000 and seen within 2010? is it back? Well, an industrial style is about proudly displaying the building materials that many try to conceal. It’s about adding a raw, unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed homes. It’s about selecting pieces that are as much about function as style.

It’s industrial interior design, and today’s post celebrates this growing trend. Used in loft apartments, modern homes and commercial spaces around the world, industrial design showcases neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and wood and metal surfaces.The result: a “warehouse look” that combines a true industrial feel with a range of other styles, from the earthy to the polished.

This post will highlight a few key traits of industrial interior design so you can bring this look to this lovely master bedroom.

The Plan

Let's make a start with the plan. Our loveliest and trendiest clients from Lebanon wanted to make a drastic change to their master bedroom! The style was definitively edgy and industrial with a twist of C’est ici ingredients. While we have didn't explore this area quite deeply, we were happy to create something different and out of our comfort zone. Stick to the plan and have a glimpse at the making of this room.

There is no real reveal without the BEFORE pics. Have a peek at the BEFORE and the design stage of the project.




As you will see, the design concept proposal was very close to the end result. We had a few tweaks here and there, but the concept design idea was definitively from early stages. Therefore, this made our job really easy. Our clients were decisive and trusted very much our vision. With this in mind, once we had a plan in place, it was very much like a done deal DSI - aka design, shop and install. Of course, is not only roses and chocolates, as expected, we had some hick ups on the installation stage.. but nothing we couldn’t solve!!

We have now rounded up some of the key factors that defined the style of this room. Have a glimpse and take notes!

  1. The Lighting

Sometimes is just about the lighting and no more discussion. Our starting point and one of the key features for this edgy look was the lighting. In principal, the room was originally very dark and gloomy, therefore, we played all our cards in finding the right lighting.

And then we found - The LONG JOHN 3 pendant, ''which has become a household name and it’s not difficult to see why. This magnificent design will upgrade any setting and compliment the most distinct environment. The possibility of combining brass, wood and leather is an appealing factor that lets you create a unique luminaire.'' Designed by Niclas Hoflin

The master piece was sourced from d.tales. The blending of leather, black and steal was the defining factor when it came to the design concept proposal for this project.

In addition to this, we wanted to incorporate additional lights on the side of each table and decided to go for the hanging pendants look. Is quite simple, you have the bed, the duvet, the beautiful bed frame. You’ve bought a woolen rug, potted plants and small, intricate accessories. What’s missing in your bedroom? A pendant light. An easy way to add a hint of the dramatic, pendant lights are no longer just for the kitchen or dining room. Get industrial in feel with a pair of concrete domes either side of the bed. Dangle a cluster of copper orbs over your bedside table, adding elegance and a touch of the unique to the room you wake up in. The side lamps are our favorite bell lamps designed by Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck. These designers have focused on designing a lamp where the design of the gathering between the cord and lamp has space to unfold. The contrast between the materials creates a contemporary look. Bell is a directional lamp that changes character and creates new experiences when a person moves around it. The white inner side reflects the light, which falls like a cone and provides practical lighting. The bell pendants were sourced from our friends Bowery Company.

​2. Wall Paper Madness

There is one thing that we were focused from the beginning and this was the cement/tile kind of industrial look. Whether the effect was with wall paper or actual paint, we definitely wanted something different on this wall. Our friends from mrperswall sourced from D.tales were right on track with this design. The shade was just perfect for the space.

3. Teal Slats

We are a little obsessed with the slat look and feel! We absolutely love this piece and we are super excited to reveal our bespoke piece designed along with the best, our friends from The Line Concept.

The materials were inspired by the continuum collection from The Line Concept. While this piece was not part of the collection, we were brave enough to present them with our bespoke design. The designing factor was definitively the color and the size of it. These cutest were just perfect for the space. Note that we had a little bit of a hick up with the height..... short story we sorted it out and they were ready to be exposed!

4. The Art Piece

Guillaume Gaudet

Times Square Reflection

The hustle and bustle of Times Square, on 42nd Avenue, is reflected in the window of a newspaper kiosk.

Brought all the way from Paris, photograph was a master piece sourced from The Yellow Corner which was created in 2006 by two friends, Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat, both passionate about photography since childhood.''From this encounter came an idea and an ambition: to make art photography accessible for all and YellowKorner the leading publisher of art photography. The concept thus stems from a very simple equation: instead of offering 10 prints for 5 000 euros, YellowKorner chooses to publish 1 000 for 50 euros while preserving irreproachable standards of quality for all of the prints, finishes, and in selecting photographers''

While the size is quite large, we were super convinced about the effect on the room. Sleek and cool . Tati aka, our Art gurú and the originator of this idéa was spot on with this beauty.. With the art at heart, she had a great eye for this photograph and didn’t hesitate for a minute about this look.

5. The Velvet Effect

Yes,yes yes.... we know that V E L V E T is all over the place and it is the 'IT' kid in town for fabrics. In fact, did you know that searches for velvet have increased by 400% over past six months and is the most searched for fabric. Sumptuously seductive, velvet beds and velvet sofas are some of the most covetable ways to bring the look home and we of course are right at its feet.

The space in the room was quite tight, so we had to be very careful about the length and depth of this costume made piece. Originally, we were debating between a cabinet or a sofa. However, neither of these options did the trick. The purpose of this space was to create a comfortable yet useful space. So, we decided to go with a day bed bench and we a wanted to create a slat effect as well. That said, in the end, we decided to add a little bit of a tray in the bench, which actually made the trick. Our loveliest girlies from the line concept read our minds and delivered exactly the piece we designed. Our last touch, was our lovely cushions from white moss- which added that extra leather we were looking for.

To close the deal, we added a few accessories here and there and incorporated this beautiful mustard blanket sourced from Maisons du Monde. Color palette which is in HEAT in deed and blended very nicely with the room.

Bronze stool from Marina Home.Base from the Bowery Company

90 x 90 pillows from Marina Homes. Blush pillows and side pink accessories from West elm. Mustard throw from Maisons du Monde.

Hope you enjoyed this makeover and keep tuned to the next one.


Moni et Tati


Styled and design by C'est ici.

Photography by Ursula Irani

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