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Bilbao House Tour.

Our Bilbao project is finally done, styled, shot, and ready to be revealed. Second post in April and with all the feels to INSPIRE YOU - all we need just now. Most of our posts are usually a quick recap of the design process and end result. This time, we asked you exactly what you wanted to hear about this project and we are going to apply it 100% on this post. Our Before and After will be the heart of this reveal just the way you have requested.

Along these lines, let’s have a quick brief on this project and the overall look and feel. Located off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence opposite THE BEACH, Bluewaters is a lively, family-oriented destination with a diverse range of places and experiences that will take your breath away. When we first walked into the property, there was just one thing in mind 'WOW' the view.

Bluewaters residences by Meraas have an overwhelming panoramic view and we had great bones to work with. Our lovely clients had only one thing in mind, make this place look like HOME and completed trusted our vision since day one.

Three words to describe this project: Minimal, light with earthy tones. We had three spaces to work with: the Dining Room, Living Room and XL Hallway. While the clients' had previously purchased some of key pieces, they needed a little help on putting them together - we usually called this an organic lift. So we completed the project as envisioned by the client with our usually cocktail of bespoke pieces designed by C'est ici, beautiful gems sourced locally and international orders.

So, let’s kick off with your request! You mainly wanted to see (i) the Before and After of the space and (ii) the Design Process. Let's make a start.

The Design Process

At C’est ici, Tati and I are 100% involved in the design process. While we usually look after different projects, we are both pretty involved in the brief and the design of all our projects. I guess that's the secret of our designs. We both have a different approach to the space and the design is always by rule, the combination of both of our designs! Bilbao was noticeable one of them. Have a peek at the BEFORE pics and the Design Process.

The Moodboards

The Designs


How did we come up with the design? We usually gather a good amount of information from our clients through our design questionnaire, style quiz and kick off meeting. Once we have the roots of the project, we do ONE thing CREATE! Pinterest, Houzz , AD and Wallpaper are some of our go to sources. That said, by rule we try not to ''copy paste'' looks but instead we take different sources for our inspiration and create something very C'est ici.

For this particular project, we wanted to create something unique and therefore, we invested a good amount of time designing for unusual empty spaces. The main aim of the project was to incorporate the unseen and unique pieces that complemented the existing furniture. The idea of steel and leather were mainly inspirations from our trip to Milan Design Week last year. Curvy designs and steel structures were on top of our mind when designing. While we wanted to keep the colors quite neutral and minimal, touches such as golden and caramel tones just gave the right accents to the space.

Our clients' were very inclined to the concrete finish which somehow we associated with an industrial style. Well, wrong. Concrete walls make eye-catching interior design features and suit a variety of styles. They are often used as accent walls in spaces that use contrasts to look chic or that have a certain amount of industrial charm. A concrete wall can also be a focal point without the need to decorate it with striking wall art. So we did, not only in walls but in accessories as well.


The panoramic view of the space was quite a charm and gave us loads to work with. Our clients had already bought what we called the “ROOTS” of the space. Dining setting and a beautiful sofa from Natuzzi. We therefore had great bones to work with. Have a peek at the BEFORE pics.

Now that we have the BEFORE pics let's hit with the AFTER effect. We have rounded up the key features that changed the look and feel of this space.

1. Bespoke Pieces

Designing furniture has become our 'dessert' at C'est ici and a 'MUST' in all our designs. This particular project had great pieces created in collaboration with Tam Stuff. We had a few empty spaces and we just didn't want go with the expected, console or wall structure, we went different. Have a peek at our ideas come to life in collaboration with the talented Tam Stuff. What can we say, easiest ride. We both work like bread and butter and she transformed our ideas to life on impeccable finishes and timing. Overall, our bespoke pieces took three weeks on the making from the design approval and they just we SPOT on!

Wire Floating Shelve

Storage Wall System

Leather Bench

The Result

2. Soft Furnishings

The power of a rug, and how easy is to underestimate them. We usually compare them to the coats of the room. When exposed they can change the whole look and feel. Our pick from the Loom Collection was just perfection for the space. Our color palette for the cushions was a combination of caramels, black and pattern lines which complemented the existing and new pieces. Sourced from H & M Home, Bo Concept and Zara Home.

3. Accessories & Others

Important and relevant. This is usually our last step in the process. Once we get the big stuff in, we end shaping the design with various pieces from all around town. Sourced mainly locally from our friends from Bowery Company, Bo Concept, Crate and Barrel, Zara home, H & M home and West Elm. And of course our plants and flowers sources from Florette and Garden Center.

4. Concrete Features

While we usually try to change the color of the walls, this time, we just wanted to have one accent wall. GREY CONCRETE and that's all. What do you think, wall paper or paint? confusing tight? Well, we bespoked the wall paper finish in collaboration with our friends from Paperpop.

Concrete grey can be often matched almost with everything, so it is a great neutral background. In addition to this, with its texture, concrete can add more depth than a simple painted wall. Having a background with concrete walls means that you can be very creative with the other features in the room, like furniture and textiles.

Concrete can be matched with other neutral hues and materials, such as wood, for a very refined and contemporary look. But it works well also if paired with splashes of colour and brighter elements. Not only did we incorporated in the feature wall but also in our beautiful stands from Concrete Design & Accessories from the Bowery Company.

Big fans of that concrete finish and it was perfectly put on this space.

5. Pinch of C’est ici

The end of this project was a bit unexpected, COVID19 hit and we were running out of time for the installation and deliveries of some of our international orders. That said, we managed to finished it just in time before the lock down.

Our installation day is basically the transformation day! At this point, our clients were both working from home but somehow we surprised them! After the last unexpected touches and styling here and there, we completed this beautiful space ready for the LOCK DOWN :) joking... but at least our clients will have plenty of time to do one thing ENJOY HOME!

Have quick glimpse at our BEFORE & AFTER video on the making of this project.


Moni et Tati

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