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How to get a Boho with a Modern Twist nursery

Hola SEPTEMBER! We are back into track with our reveals at C’est ici! So what is on the books? Well, last semester, we completed a cocktail of projects entailing different styles but always leaving our C’est ici stamp... that clean, layered look with some spice. Now is the time to write about them and tell you our interior's story behind each project.

Let's kick off with MANLY. Yes, that is right, all our projects are named after cities around the world. If you are not familiar, Manly is a beach-side suburb of northern Sydney. The relaxed lifestyle, beaches and cuteness, led our inspiration and vibe to the project 'a boho contemporary nursery with a twist'. While this nursery was completed a while ago, we want to keep it on the books for you as a boho reference. Our lovely clients welcomed their sweet little princess and were planing a special nursery for her in their lovely villa located at Jumeirah Golf Estates.

Before we actually got the full scope of work for the project, as a first step we carried out our usual “STYLE QUIZ” ! Nothing very complex but a few questions that will tick most of the defining factors of the project. The idea behind our quiz is to get as close to the client's vision combined with our inspiration. As you may know by now, our design focus very much on the clients' identity and that uniqueness and sense of belonging. Therefore, our design brief was quite straight forward, as our client's had a very clear direction of their vision. White, clean, natural feels and a boho touch. 

Today’s post will give you an easy guide on how to get the boho with a modern twist nursery. Stick around and have a glimpse at the transformation of this space.


Let’s revisit this space’s original look and show around our master plan:

As you know, the DESIGN is one of our favorites stage of the process. Our creative side is switched ON and we created two different looks for this nursery. Both entailing the brief but with a different approach in color palettes and look and feel. 

At C’est ici, we are huge fans of Emily Henderson. As an interior designer, she has created an interiors empire out of styling and making casitas look absolutely beautiful. What we love about her designs is that although she has a very specific style, her work differs from project to project! Very much on C’est ici lines. But wait... why are we talking about her? Well, because, she was our inspiration for this lovely nursery. Have a peek at our inspiration board.

So, a few years back she designed her daughters nursery with this beautiful forest wallpaper. Once we presented this lovely wallpaper to the client, it was an immediate YES. While our client's were inclined to the whitish look, we convinced them to take a riskier approach and go for the foresty look. The sourcing coincidentally was quite straight forward. We initially thought of sourcing this wall paper from the USA but our lovely friend Loretta from Paper Pop casually designed her new collection which included this lovely forest grove look.


Since 2016 we have seen a lot of bohemian vibes incorporated in interiors. The Bali vibe has been surrounding most of the coolest shops in town and is actually a winner when it comes to warm cities. While, we were very keen on keeping this vibe, we also wanted to introduce a few pieces that were opposite to this look to create that nice balance. We love to mix and match and this was our perfect opportunity to incorporate contemporary pieces. Our clients were big fans of Pottery Barn and we found some beautiful modern pieces for the little ones. Our changing table was a MUST HAVE! Have a close look. All the love for this piece of furniture and the modern twist Pottery Barn has incorporated in their new collection for little ones.


The introduction of natural materials was on the top of our list. We were drawn to organic materials, rattan, cane, hemp textures, and reclaimed wood, we therefore focused which is reflected in the boho look. No doubt we headed to our favorite spots in Dubai. Both White Moss and Tribe source beautiful pieces that completed the look.


One of our main concerns with the room was to avoid the overcrowd look, particularly with our wall paper as this was quite a busy addition. On this basis, we focused on toning down the color palette for the rest of the room. Both the rug sourced from ebarza which was off white as well as the changing table was a good compromise to the overall look. The incorporation of white gave us the right contrast for the room. 


Between the old and the new we completed this lovely nursery with some lovely accessories from our favorite retailers around town.

We hope you like this post.


Moni et Tati

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