If you are looking for a fast track interior design consultation, this is ideal for you! Our on-site consultation lab is tailored to save costs on interior design fees and solve your interior problems. We will give a quick and easy solution within a small time frame. We have different consultation labs for your choice.


We work with your budget, style, and unique space. We will incorporate any of your existing pieces into the room design. After you book an appointment with us, fill out your room profile to tell us exactly what you are looking for, we will be ready to kick off your project.


After five business days, we will come back to you with an initial set of ideas based on your vision. Give feedback along the way to refine a concept for your room.


We understand that it is hard to imagine the perfect room. With your floor plans and room dimensions, we will create a visualization of your room and a floor plan recommendation so you can envision the final result.


Finally, you can shop your curated list of products, sourced from conventional and non-conventional retailers. Your ordering concierge will purchase all your pieces and keep a close eye on your orders to ensure everything gets to you, with no hassle.


From interior workshops to styling of your brand, we love to collaborate with Brands. Get in touch and we can create the content you are looking for.


Through our different plaforms we can advertise your brand with c’est ici touches.


Have a peek at our latest collabs:

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