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Hamptons in Dubai

The Nook

Soft Skin - Simple but Pretty Significant

Art work form Charlotte Hudders, Leather Bench from White Moss, Costume Made Table from The Line Concept, color palette, soft skin from Jotun, plants from the Garden Center, Channel Cushion, costume made.

Tic tac tic tac... it's time to finally reveal our Hampton's in Dubai project.

Welcome to the loveliest casita in the midst of Al Maeen, the Lakes. We are absolutely in love with every corner of this villa and we are ready to share with you, the story behind the scenes. We have not only one but five different REVEAL rooms, each to their own story.

On this lines, we have decided to reveal the styling and decor of this exquisite casita step by step. One ingredient at a time, the way we designed this project.

Let’s start by introducing you to the Lakes Renovation. If you are not familiar with the Lakes, let me tell you that this piece of land has an incredible potential for a complete makeover and renovation! Our clients' have done an amazing job at the structural work of this five bedroom villa. Their taste was impeccable and the finishings of the villa were top notch. So nicely done, that we were wondering whether the clients' actually needed our help....

So why were we hired? Our lovely clients, an American - French family, moved into this lovely villa by the beginning of the year. After an 8 month renovation, they wanted to modernized the look and feel of their existing furniture, they had great ideas but as most of our clients had trouble putting together the pieces. Lucky for us, they got in touch and we were delighted to take on this beautiful project. From their original Shabby Chic look, we transformed this lovely space into a modern - mid century real estate heaven, with a pinch of C’est ici ingredients and a big influence from the clients' inspiration.


Let’s make a start and talk about the NOOK. The most fun part of the job for us is the creation process. When we started the design process, we took into account the everyday use as well as the aesthetic of the space. Our main objective was for this room to feel upscale and sophisticated while still keeping it very casual. We wanted to reflect a relaxed yet chic approach.

So, how did this space came together? We are setting out the key ingredients for this happy space.


Soft Skin vs Wall Paper

On our first proposal, we first introduced this beautiful soft skin shade from Jotun, however, our client was not very convinced. We toyed around with quite a few different patterns for the wall, including, a couple of linen wall paper samples but it just didn’t look quite right. Lucky for us, one of our client's friends' saw the sample paint in the wall and convinced them to go for it! (Thank you dear friend). Glad we sticked to the original plan.

Costume Made

Le Table

Let's talk about our favorite duo at THE LINE CONCEPT - full stop. Minimalism and clean make the perfect match at The Line Concept, formerly known as Three Lines Dubai, a custom-made furniture co-owed by designer duo Newsha Dastaviz and Dana Almatrook.

''The pieces boast clean and functional design that draws heavily on the pared-down, Scandinavian aesthetic, unsurprising as Newsha is half Swedish and half Iranian. Dana, who is Bahraini-Emirati, has a flair for design and feeds off the energy of her mother, an Emirati businesswoman who has created bespoke furniture pieces and decorative accessories for notable clients and spaces'' by Harpers Bazaar.

The table was a costume made collaboration between us, the client and The Line Concept. While our main aim was to transform the space to something modern, we wanted to keep the space warm and cosy. This is when we decided to go for a warm shade of wood. Not too dark not too light, just the right walnut look.

Channel Upholstered Headboard Cushion

Two words- IN LOVE! Boost your comfort with this sophisticated look. If you are looking to add a splash of glam to your space, we completely fell in love with this look made by our incredible team at C'est ici. While we went heavy on pattern, we chose a soft palette textile to keep it comfortable yet sophisticated.

A little bit of White Moss

Keeping in line with the soft palettes, we completed the look with this beautiful Maisey bench from White Moss's new collection. Leather blush with a twist.

''Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary limited edition is our Maisey Bench. A unique piece designed exclusively by White Moss offering functionality with a unique design to boot.Expertly crafted from rich leather, we love the chic efficiency this bench brings to entryways, the flourish it adds to the foot of the bed, the extra seating it lends to gatherings. Over time, the leather seat will soften and acquire the beautiful patina that comes from furniture well-made and well-loved.

The Charlotte Effect - creating your own art

Keeping it personal was key, so we wanted to incorporate something unique from the client. The “one line” effect was the answer. If you are not familiar with the ONE LINE art, let us introduce you to this beautiful art technique. We initially proposed one line art work, but it was when the client suggested doing this for her own family- Genius idea! We had the fabulous artist and VOILA.

Cushion Up

The unexpected striped cushions originally from the client were our last touch on the day of the installation. While it was not planned at all, once we saw the finalized space, we saw the cushions and found them ideal for the space. Adding a nautical touch was our last little touch.

We hope you like this reveal and keep tuned to the next one.


Moni et Tati

Styling and decor by C'est ici

Photographs by Natelee Cocks

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