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"Creating a  lifestyle that can work with your living"

Every detail in our designs tell our client’s a story. Not only in terms of C’est ici’s vision, but also how each design is telling a story that reflects our client’s DNA. We intend to bring our six senses to the  design process of each space. Each space will reflect a feeling where all six senses will be activated forming a cohesive story. 

Meet & Greet
Design with us
Vizualise and Collaborate
Bespoke with us


Once we have established the scope of work, you will get a style QUIZ to get matched with your style based on your ideas. We will meet and discuss the work needed.


Based on this, we will undertake our first assessment and propose the best package that will suit your needs.

Consultants at C’est ici are known to be the best listeners in the business. Our team prides itself on collaborating with our clients to channel their vision. Whether you need a few hours of our time or to have us generate a project's full scope of design, we are always up for the challenge. C’est ici practices sustainability and focuses on working with what you already own whenever possible. We pride ourselves on offering our clients multiple solutions for their design challenges.

Our talented designers bring a number of years in business. From discovering your personal style to knocking down that wall that’s been preventing the open- concept living area you’ve been lusting after, we’ll make sure that your space isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also a reflection of you.



From Residential to Commercial projects, we focus on creating different experiences  throughout our designs. From Design consultations to full scope packages, we pride our work to be with you at every stage of the process.  We have developed a structured system to make design service a clearer process for our clients. Our team focuses on allowing you to see the status of items in production, pricing, links, maintain invoices, and provide feedback every step of the way. This keeps you fully in the loop with the product costs, items you’ve approved for ordering, and your designated ordering specialist.


From experimental designs to unique pieces, we collaborate with a number of local and international suppliers to bespoke exclusive pieces for our projects. From mood board materials to production phase, our team takes pride in making unique statement pieces for your home

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Our on-site Consultation Lab is tailored to save costs on interior design fees and solve your interior problems.  We will provide you with a quick and easy solution within a small time frame. After our visit, we will send you a thorough report with all the suggestions and links to shop. 


  • Consultation on site

  • On site styling advice

  • Color palette consultation

  • Space planning on site

  • Two style ideas

  • Space maximization

  • 2 hour consultations

  • Recommendations to be sent by email


This is perfect for finding quick design fixes.

Consultation Lab


After five business days, we will come back to you with an initial set of ideas based on your vision.


Give feedback along the way to refine a concept for your room. Happiness guaranteed.

Visualize & Collaborate


Our E-Designs are a virtual interior service that offers clients the opportunity to create a custom space without retaining full service interior design costs. To start, you will brief us on your interior needs and provide us with pictures and measurements. We will provide you with a style quiz and start working on the e-design based on your needs. We will provide you with one 2D design, which includes a color palette , space planning and a manual of instructions for purchase and installation.

This bundle includes as follows:

  • Initial consultation by phone, email or video call

  • Style Quiz

  • On-site consultation service is optional 

  • E-design concept proposal

Shop with us


C’est ici will buy your curated list of products, sourced from our favorite local and international retailers. We will purchase all your pieces and ensure everything gets to you.



Our Lux Package is a full interior design service for clients that need our help from A to Z. This bundle is ideal for clients that are looking for the a full interior design along with project managing. We will provide you with the designs for your space and will manage the execution which includes final installation.

You will get two design options per space, which will give you the opportunity to choose your preferred design.

This bundle includes as follows:

  • 3D Concept Design per space

  • Space planning in auto CAD

  • Material mood board for every space

  • Inspiration mood board

  • Reinventing existing furniture

  • Customization of furniture and creating bespoke pieces

  • Advise on colour palettes -paint colour schemes.

  • Creating feature walls

  • Colour scheme picks & style advice for each room

  • One revision for each room

  • Makeover of the room

  • Concierge buying service and list of products references

  • Space planning and arranging furniture

  • Styling, Fixing and Fitting (costs for fitting at your expense)

  • Installation of all the rooms

Lux Package


Meet & Greet


Take our style QUIZ to get matched with your style based on your ideas. We will meet and discuss the work needed. Based on this, we will undertake our first assessment and propose the best package that will suit your needs.



C'est ici in action
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