About Moni

Co-founder of C'est ici, raised and born in Colombia. Educated and lived in the UK for 8 years prior arriving in Dubai. Originally a lawyer and reinvented my life for my real passion “creating”. Married to my Mr French for 12 years and have two little coco’s Matheo and Gabriel.


I followed my mama steps and dedicated my 30’s into reinventing myself and investing in what I truly love! “The art of creating unique homes”. I believe that thoughtful design brings people together and transforms little moments into lasting memories.


C’est ici has become a home-grown business dedicated to making life beautiful and a place to transform ordinary life into something unique. We have come across beautiful families looking for a home in this expat world.


Our main focus is to bring design to life and creating something different out of the ordinary but very close to our client’s DNA and origins. While we have a specific aesthetic, we are very open minded when it comes to style. We create the perfect cocktail when it comes to creating homes. We love the unexpected and we focus on implementing something different in every project.

‘’Your home should be a reflection of who you are and a collection of what you love’’


C’est ici is a home-grown interior design studio, based in Dubai. Focused on exquisite design and creating homes that are thoughtfully put together.


We are passionate about interior design, art, styling but most importantly about LIFE.  We like transforming spaces and creating the unexpected. Our goal is to help our clients build their dream home step by step.


We believe that our surroundings bring us together and play a crucial role in our daily mood and appreciation of our day-to-day life. For this and our passion for interior design C’est Ici was born. We believe that simple ideas and thoughtful execution are keys aspects to turn spaces into something special.


Our deepest desire is for your home to reflect your DNA and your origins with a hint of our inspiration.


C’est Ici is a destination where interior style meets crafting, creating and more. C’est Ici is your front-row pass to all things lovely and chic. Made with a hint of style, a pinch of home decor inspiration and a scoop of your origins. C’est Ici is a well-rounded recipe for anyone who likes a little bit of sugar and spice.


“It’s here” where we can help you transform your expat life into a homie and warm place. Our focus is to reinvent your space with your style and a touch of our inspiration. Our aim is to craft the best of your home by capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of space.


From residential to commercial projects, our core services encompass capturing and creating designs within empty spaces. Through our social media platform and online services, we have acquired a uniqueness on our designs almost like a perfect cocktail of ideas.

C’est ici Team

Alessandra Danesi

Business Developer Director

Kat Street

Interior Design Consultant

Zarfeen Hammed

Interior Designer

Rahil Qureshi

Interior Designer

Caroline Fahni

Procurement & Logistics


C’est ici

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