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ABOUT  C'est ici Design

Founded in 2017 by Monica Arango, a Colombian entrepreneur with a passion for design, Dubai based inter-disciplinary studio C’est Ici, has carved a niche for itself with its unique design philosophy that embraces imperfect beauty and the mixing of unexpected, opposing, offbeat elements to create “thoughtful designs that brings people together and transform little moments into lasting memories.” 


Known for their signature minimalistic style, C’est Ici takes pride in crafting chic, out of the ordinary spaces whilst incorporating aspects of their client’s personality, aesthetics and heritage into the design. Their highly personalized approach marries ideas of cohesion and contrast in every space.


In 2020 the firm started Cèst ici Bespoke to address the lack of quality bespoke furniture in the local market. This specialized arm of the business, with services ranging from upholstery, to carpentry, stone and steel works, focuses on designing and producing unexpected custom pieces, where no two are the same. 


Starting out as a home-grown business, C’est Ici has in the last four years grown into a full scope turnkey luxury interior design firm with a portfolio of residential and commercial projects across the UAE, GCC and Levant. 

"Your home should be a reflection of who you are and a collection of what you love"

About C'est ici



Born and raised in Colombia, Monica was educated and lived in the UK for 7 years prior to arriving in Dubai. After a successful career within the legal field, Monica reinvented her life with her real passion for “creating stories through design ”. Design is largely intuitive for Monica, as she describes as “falling in love over and over again”. Inspired by travel, nature, architecture, fashion, graphic design, literature and art, she’s particularly fond of creating experiences through design.

Monica believes that thoughtful design brings people together and transforms little moments into lasting memories. As design is storytelling, she always aims to tell evocative stories, adventurous and full of soul, incorporating a mix of materials and influences. 

After 7 years, C’est ici Design  has become a local, home-grown business dedicated to making life beautiful and a place to transform ordinary life into something unique. C’est ici Design has come across many beautiful families looking for a home in this expat world. Recently with the launch of the new studio, Monica is taking new commercial projects and taking brands to the next level in design. Their main focus is to bring design to life and create something different and out of the ordinary, but very close to their client’s DNA and origins. Whilst they have a specific aesthetic, they are very open-minded when it comes to style. C’est ici create the perfect cocktail when it comes to creating homes. They love the unexpected and focus on implementing something different in every project.

About Moni

OUR  Team


Consultants at C’est ici are known to be the best listeners in the business. Our team prides itself on collaborating with our clients to channel their vision. Whether you need a few hours of our time or to have us generate a project's full scope of design, we are always up for the challenge. C’est ici practices sustainability and focuses on working with what you already own whenever possible. We pride ourselves on offering our clients multiple solutions for their design challenges.


Our talented designers bring a number of years in business. From discovering your personal style to knocking down that wall that’s been preventing the open-concept living area you’ve been lusting after, we’ll make sure that your space isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also a reflection of you.

C'est ici team

ABOUT  team




Meet our Italian side of the team, Alessandra is our Business Development Director. She is our first contact with any potential client and explains how C’est ici Design works and what we can offer to them.

She has 9+ years of experience in events management with diverse fields throughout Middle East, UK and Europe. She has studied International Business and has a super eye for detail and putting things together. 


She moved to Dubai in 2019 with her husband and two little monsters and slowly their family increased to 7 with the addition of 3 adopted cats.

In her free time, she loves traveling and reading a good book.




Syed Adnan - Meet our Design and Projects Lead. Adnan is our Master of Details, truly believes and propagates the idea that design is in details.

As a Design Lead, he leads the young and creative design team to design and build the beautiful spaces C’est ici is known for making sure they’re not only pretty but are second to none in terms of quality.

Outside the Atelier, you’ll find him traveling, enjoying delicacies of the world and obsessing over Formula 1.




Meet Zarfeen, a young and ambitious interior designer who has quickly found herself at the core of the design team. During her university years and initial work experience, Zarfeen had the opportunity to work in a variety of design sectors including commercial, hospitality, and residential giving her a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she now brings to her work every day.


Zarfeen's main focus is on conceptual design, design development, and space planning. She loves attention to detail and is also adept at creating visual graphics for design and client presentations, which helps to bring her ideas to life.


In her free time, Zarfeen likes to unwind by picking up a good book. She has a natural flair for writing and enjoys expressing her thoughts and ideas on paper. She is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to push herself creatively, and she is committed to delivering exceptional results for every project she works on.




Meet our Procurement and Logistics Manager. Kristy is a multitasking maestro who tackles tight deadlines and effortlessly negotiates deals like a boss with suppliers- all with a designer’s eye and a knack for turning potential obstacles into artfully crafted spaces.

She ensures every project has a harmonious blend of timely execution, budget conscious decisions, and sources fabulous pieces.

When she’s not saving the day on our installations, you might find her unearthing the latest design trends and charming suppliers with her infectious enthusiasm, wit and expertise.




An interior architect and designer with a cheerful and humorous personality, meet Johnny who brings his carefree spirit to their work. He approaches each project with a smile on his face, a razor-sharp wit and a passion for blending artistry and functionality in spaces that reflect the clients' unique personalities.


Johnny is a well-rounded creative who dabbles in various aspects of design, including conceptual and schematic design, and the technical stages, bringing a multifaceted approach to their projects.


He has a unique vision and a strong sense of personal style, reflected in his work, and he is not afraid to push boundaries and take risks in his designs. Whether you're looking for a minimal or a bold approach, this designer injects a fresh perspective and touch of levity to your project. 




Tracy, a creative professional who designs stunning spaces with meticulous attention to detail and whips up delicious treats in the kitchen when not busy transforming interiors. A unique blend of artistic flair and culinary skills, creating both beautiful and tasty experiences in the world of design.


From concept to execution, her organizational skills ensures that every element of the interior is carefully curated and harmoniously coordinated. Her expertise in FF&E allows her to source the perfect furniture, fixtures, and equipment to elevate any space, creating functional and stunning environments that exceed the clients' expectations.


Tracy's love for baking shines through in her designs, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning, but also evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and joy - just like biting into a freshly baked cupcake!




Ale, the dynamic office executive who balances a healthy lifestyle and a love for numbers with precision. Ale is not only a Master of Financial figures, but also a fitness enthusiast who prioritizes health and wellness. 

Whether it's crunching numbers in the boardroom or hitting the gym, Ale brings discipline, focus, and a sharp mind to everything she does. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for accuracy, Ale excels in financial analysis, budgeting, and strategic planning, while also maintaining a fit and active lifestyle.

She's always on top of her game with a disciplined approach to both work and fitness. Ale´s sharp mind and strategic thinking are evident in her work, as she effortlessly handles complex financial calculations and analytical tasks.

About Team
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