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Earthy Color Palettes


Hello 2019, back to school and ready for our first post of the year and excited about this reveal.

Back into track with our lake house project reveal aka Hamptons in Dubai remember? Say hello to LIMESTONE- a dining so simple but with so much character. This is the story where we followed our instincts.

Looking back into our proposed design and color palettes, the end result of this lovely dining area was a mix of the proposed design and the effect of the summer break! Meaning that whatever we planned before the summer, it was certainty upgraded from our summer inspirations!

Wondering how did we get this look together? And what were major changes? This post will exactly answer all this questions and reveal the end result of this lovely space.

Let’s start with the design and color palette.

  1. Creating Modern Panels

Not sure how to give your space more character? We have an idea: turn the walls into focal points by decorating them with panels. Decorative wall panels come in a lot of different styles, sizes, shapes and materials. They transform simple decors into extraordinary spaces with a lot of character. For this dining area, it was certainly the defining factor. Once we run the idea with the client with all agreed on the incorporation on this effect.

One thing, we still wanted to keep it quite modern and simple, therefore we went for a very slim frame with limited division lines.

Once we had the panels in place, we finished the walls with our favorite chosen shade SOFT TEAL from Jotun. It all sounds quite straight forward but believe it or not, the effect of panels is quite a process and took three full working days of spray painting and sanding the wall. We had a few inconveniences with the teal effect as the first layer looked quite patchy.... as we say... everything has a solution. Our team of painters did found the solution and fixed it!

2. Los Olivos

We wanted to incorporate a big statement botanical piece and an Olive Tree was definitively our chosen pick.

We had a good amount of questions on whether olive trees actually survive indoor. Olive trees, with their light, sage-colored foliage, work beautifully in modern interiors. They have a certain sophistication, as if you have just brought a tiny bit of Tuscany into your living room. If you're considering growing one of these beauties, we have rounded up some tips.

1. The olive tree, like most fruit trees, prefers full sun (at least six hours a day). A sunny, south-facing window is ideal.

2. Dwarf olive trees will grow as tall as six feet, although you can keep them shorter by pruning them.

3. Placing a inch or two of styrofoam, gravel, or any other kind of filler on the bottom of the pot will keep the soil well drained

4. A little bit of sad news, although olive trees can be grown indoors, they can't be grown indoors forever. Multiple sources that we found stated that olive trees can only live indoors for eight to nine years.

5. Last but not least LOVE, absolutely key ingredient to make them grow! Talk to them and pet them ... they will respond.

3.The Marble Effect

Another project with our friends from The Line Concept! This one was quite straight forward in terms of the design. We wanted something significantly simple but with a twist. The design of this table was focused on the woodsy leg effect and a modern finish. Once we ran the design through, it was a yes yes and yes. There was a serious amount time invested in the finish of the marble and the definition of the veins, but we had finally a winner!

4. Scandi Chairs

The incorporation of warm colors was a big hit on this dining. While we wanted to keep it modern, we definitively wanted the warmth from the wood. These lovely chairs are from Ebarza.

5. The art of styling it up

When it came to styling we also kept our thoughts quite minimalistic, between the taylor made mirror and the accessories here and there, we completed this beautiful setting. We quickly headed to BO CONCEPT for the little details.

The making of this dining was actually a lot of fun. We had great trips with the client to choose our Olivo and seeing the end result actually paid off.

screen shot 2018-12-05 at 1.39.32 pm

We hope you like this reveal.

Stick for the next one!


Moni et Tati

Photography: Natelee Cocks

Written by Monica Durou

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