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Milan Design Week HIGHLIGHTS


Happy Wednesday readers!! It’s time to talk about Milan Design Week aka DESIGN HEAVEN! It has been almost eight weeks since M D W and we are still dreaming about our wonderful week in Milano.

Actually Milan was the first trip I ever did with my hubby; this was back in 2005. It has been almost 13 years and the city still fascinates me with its sophistication and structural gems. Tati had also been in Milan, but this time we joined forces and decided to escape to this trendy city for C'est ici and our passion for interiors. I must say, that it was not an easy decision, as we were in the midst of several projects and family obligations. That said, we made it … even with a sprained ankle. What? true story - one day before our trip, while working out, I twisted my ankle pretty bad and the trip almost didn’t happen… but here I am, writing about it.

So enough of long stories and let’s get to the point. Let’s start with the amazing pick by Tati - our beautiful boutique hotel in the midst of Savona, Milan. Two words for this hotel ‘cosy and stylish’. Our first glimpse to interiors heaven was just right here. Our room was a mix of contemporary with traditional touches. High sealings and elegant. It felt just right for two Colombian senoritas.

While our trip was short and sweet, we tried to juice as much as we could. Mainly, we did a mix and match of the SALONE MOBILE MILANO, FURIOSALONE, design corners and expositions around Milan. During the Fuorisalone, many locations become a co-protagonist of the event featuring longer opening hours, and sometimes may even steal the show from the products or items presented or displayed. Former industrial spaces, historic buildings usually closed to the public, hidden courtyards, artisan workshops and fashion showrooms go beyond the concept of background and interact with their contents, becoming an installation within an installation.

The outcome of this beautiful journey was inspiration, inspiration and inspiration. As a team, it was an incredible bond and an amazing team work experience. At the same time, it was our INTERIORS THERAPY and eye catching for all our upcoming projects back in Dubai.

On these lines, we have rounded up C'est ici's HIGHLIGHTS. It is not even close to what we experienced, but is definitely a good snap shot of the trip.

  1. N e w | S h a d e s

Back to the 70’ and 80’s – or it felt like this. The fair was definitely all about COLORES, and the cuisine colors was one the biggest influence. Warm and earthy colors such as burgundy red, turmeric, mustard yellow and papaya orange made their loud presence. As a secondary phase of colors, calmer tones of millennial pink, sage, celery & avocado green, along with the very enigmatic blue and purple were also eye catching. We also found a new kid on the block, and this was baby blue, calm yet super chic when well combined.

Here are some of our favorite PALETTES.









2. Names | to Know

It’s definitively a risk to even talk about names to know. Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of amazing artists and designers that we can name here. That said, we have rounded up C’est ici’s favoritos.

Espanola and we like her. Spanish by birth and Italian by choice. The key words for her work are: rigour and emotion, innovation and mental comfort. She was mentored by some of the masters of Italian industrial design and she was a predominant influence in the fair.

The girl knows how to collaborate! She was pretty much in most every important brand as a feature designer. Have a glimpse of some of our favorite designs.

Altamoda finds its origin from Stefania and Riccardo Volpi’s, both will transfer into the world of home decor the same tailor-style approach which is typical of any fashion creation. By mixing fashion with design, a new concept of environment is born, now interpreted as total look, where any decorating item, from table to sofa, from carpet to chandelier, becomes mainly a distinctive icon of style, more than a merely functional object.

Made in Tuscany. This brand definitively showed us come colors, flowers and patterns.

Viccarbe collection shows the value and references for a contemporary style of living, with wide range products for comfortable living. It is distinguished by great simplicity, innovate elegance and global brand awareness.

Also, it can relate to the user thanks to its natural integration into different surroundings. This collection is ideal for people who live in the present and think of the future.

The “Hiroshima” series in particular reflects the Japanese aesthetic as applied to wood and the skills that make it possible for this aesthetic to be brought to life in everyday contexts. Products in this series therefore have a natural wood finish with almost no paint or varnish.

Sé’s vision was to invite some of the world’s best design talent to produce collections, akin to an art gallery or a couture house, the ultimate object being to build a catalogue of highly-crafted and beautifully-finished objects, made of the finest, noble materials, by the best craftspeople in Europe. With timeless forms, a curvaceous aesthetic and a spirit of play, Sé pieces are now feted for their characterful, sculptural profiles, and their ability to captivate the senses.

Nada Debs is a Lebanese designer living and working in Beirut. Her work spans scale and discipline: from product and furniture design to one-off commissions across craft, art, fashion and interiors. What ties her work together is her ability to distil culture and craftsmanship to create pieces of emotional resonance.

Design is for the Florentine company the starting point of all projects, a value that makes any product precious like a work of art. The Italian essence of aesthetic choices is continuity, a distinctive sign and a wish to reaffirm one’s own cultural roots. Materials dress the design style. The mastery lies in choosing what’s best, new and useful. Inspiration is often drawn from parallel worlds, to make a classic fabric innovative and vice versa, like in historical ateliers.

Kartell is bringing to the fair a collection of chairs and complements made of wood. It is called Woody and the designer is Philippe Starck.

Within other main brands we loved the collections from VITRA, KETTAL, KNOLL and ARPER.

  1. Eye – Catching | Trends and Materials





Recycled materials

Pattern over Pattern


Retro looks

  1. Hidden | Gems

Designed by Milan-based architect Massimiliano Locatelli (whose furniture she has frequently shown in her Via della Spiga gallery), the interior configuration was inspired by Milan's famous Teatro alla Scala. A central cement floored atrium is surrounded by three storeys of black metal balconies in which small furniture scenes are illuminated by neon lights designed by Marco Rizzuto.

The space is imposing, dramatic and yet practical.

Located in the heart of Largo Isarco in the southern part of Milan, the nine-floor contemporary art space opened its doors during Milan’s international furniture and design trade show Salone del Mobile on April 20, marking the final construction stages of the Prada Foundation’s sprawling Milan compound—and the completion of a landmark addition to the city's skyline.

A visit to the gallery of Rossana Orlandi was an absolute MUST. The former tie factory, recovered in 2002, has been transformed into an exhibition space dedicated to the most brilliant minds of design, on display thanks to the personal selection by gallerist and talent scout, Rossana Orlandi. It’s here that we find a new garden area, which beyond welcoming some of the exhibit’s pieces, hosts a temporary pavilion featuring a conference room and Illy lounge bar.

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