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The Art of Styling it Up



New week, new reveal!This time is a beautiful entrance from our Bali in Dubai project. It appears that this lovely villa has an entrance to the entrance room. The question is what do you do for both entrances to have the same importance and significance in the house?

Pendants from Led world. Center table from Pottery Barn, Artificial Plants center from Marina Home. Wall Palette, Petroleum Blue from Jotun and botanicals from the Garden Center.

We have had a lot of queries about the styling of this entrance and we are delighted to share with you our top tips and the tricks to the end result. Firstly, my partner in crime aka TATI, was the leader and creator of this space and her passion for curating art gave this room the WOW effect.

Initially, the client wanted to transform this room from scratch and rebuild the whole area by purchasing most of the items including the Persian rug they previously owed. Well, as soon as we discovered various hidden gems, we put a STOP to the client’s vision and advised her that we could do wonders with her existing stuff.

The entrance room was bare bones and the end result was a piece of art created with our styling and old treasures from the client. We added a few pieces to the styling of this room but there were definitively two defining factors.

The first key piece was the Persian rug, which was inherited from the in-laws and the second defining factor was the collection of art pieces, which were a dream to curate.

So how do you even start? Well, Tati and I fell completely in love with the Persian rug owed by the client. At first, they client were was not too keen to keep it, as they felt it might clash with their style… long story short, we convinced them to keep this beautiful treasure, which was a key factor to the styling and color palette.

We decided that we were going to give a boost to the feature wall and painted it in petroleum blue from Jotun. Once this was done, we spent one whole day going through the client’s treasures. From art pieces to vintage antiques from a lifetime, we selected around fifteen pieces which where both significant and amazing to style! The husband was super happy as we picked some of the treasures which were not previously exposed.

The centerpiece was traditional and yet not too modern, the red vase and accessories chairs were both complimentary to the look. The lamps were a great addition, as we were in between an artsy look and avoiding anything too modern. At the end, our aim was to curate history and memories from the past.

Final botanicals and planters made the space to get the right flow.

This has been one of our favorite spaces this year. Mainly because the end result was an exact copy of our mood board and proposal, which made our vision and the client's collaboration come to life very nicely.

See below some of the BEFORE snaps!

Read more about this makeover in the latest Absolutely Mama Emirates July/August 2018 issue. Impossible to miss.

We hope you like this makeover.

Stick to the next reveal.



Moni et Tati

Styling and Decor by C'est ici

Photographs by Natelee Cocks

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