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Zimba - 5 Tips on how to work with the existing for the little one's

Reveal Time! We love to reveal and in fact it has been on the top of the list for our 2019 resolutions! Are you familiar with this boy's room from our Meadows Project? Well, from your petition, here is the full reveal of the cutest yet budget friendly makeover.

We recently revealed our top 10 makeovers of 2018, and the Meadows Gems Project was one of our best projects for working with the existing, specially with the little one's rooms. As you may know, the little ones' grow and their mind sets' change significantly from one year to the next... first, is a cute affair, baby blue , grey.. you name it.. then we have the super heroes and princess obsession and what about our teenage clients?? Oh.. well that’s another different story. Let’s stick to this one for now.

This post is directed to all the mommy's willing to make changes here and there without breaking the bank. We have rounded up our top five features that made this room practical, cute and most importantly budget friendly. 'Budget Friendly' a word that most papas like! At least ours ..

Let’s get started and tell you the full story. There is no real makeover without the 'before' pictures. Have a peak at our starting point and have a glimpse on how we transformed this room from the proposal to the end result.

The Before

The Proposal

1. The Mustardy Effect

While we were in Milan Design Week back in May 2018, we were desperate to incorporate the 'Mustard Shade' to our existing projects. This color was definitively the 'it' and the dominant color that made this room a little bit different. While the color palette was between the neutral grey, white and blue we were keen to add the mustardy effect. On this lines, we decided to head straight into our friends from IKEA and found the most practical and cutest Hemnes Cabinet Chest. The shade was exactly what we were looking for and it was a winner. We initially thought of painting the existent.. but then another little one was on the way! We finally uplifted the look with these beautiful knobs from Maisons du Monde.

The mustardy effect was not just added in the cabinet chest but we also incorporated this shade in our beautiful pendant named UNFOLD by Muuto sourced through D.Tales which was the chosen and bought since the early stages of the project.

2. The Wall Paper

When it comes to wallpaper - pay as you go installation, without a doubt, we head straight into our friends from Paper Pop Decor. Easy, local and quite fast! Within two weeks, this beautiful wall paper was installed and ready to go. The proposal had two options, one more riskier that the other, as we always like to design. The jungle one, was one of our favorites. While the client loved the idea, we opted for the safer option. Once the wall paper was installed, the room suddenly took shape! Have a peak at our second option and let us know your thoughts?

Option A

Option B

Acrylic Shelves from Amazon. Cot from Pottery Barn. Rug from Wood& Steel. Night bed basket from Ikea. Wall Paper ''Pick up Sticks'' from Paper pop.

3. Recreating the Art

Our lovely client had beautiful water color prints featuring the BABAR animated elephants. She was very keen in keeping the prints and our job was to place them in the new styled room. While we loved the idea, we decided to use only three instead of the four prints previously displayed. In addition, we upgraded the frame for a woodsy and modern look and feel. The prints suddenly became a great addition to the room. While it was not within the color scheme of the room, the colors of the prints brighten up the room. Remember that most of all, we try to avoid the 'matchy effect'.



4. Layout of the room

Believe it or not, the layout of the room plays such an incredible effect in the design and aesthetic of a room, and this was actually our starting point of the design. Feng Shui or not, there is always a better way to place the furniture. So what did we do in this room without investing a penny? Well, we switched the position of the cot and the daybed and suddenly we saw quite a big change. The room looked brighter and bigger.

5. Working with the existing

As mentioned before, we had such an amazing time with the client on working with the existing. This beautiful family had the most beautiful things kept on boxes or in places that were not noticeable. Well, Tati and I are experts on finding treasures. As you have seen, all the beautiful porcelain features of the animals were hidden gems from the client. This is, one of the reasons we called this project the 'MEADOWS GEMS'' because there were quite a lot of precious elements which defined the design of the house. When implemented, they added the WOW effect.

We also had something very similar with the existing curtains. We noticed that all of the curtains in the house were quite nice. However, there was one slight problem... they were misplaced and didn’t match the existing decor. So what did we do? We switched them around. As a result, we found this beautiful set of grey roman blinds in the guest room and we switched them around. Another little trick without investing in curtains.

Now you know, how we turned around this space with less that AED 5000 and re-arranged the existing.To sum up, we added a few pops of colors, change the cushions around and added that simple and clean wallpaper. The idea was to give a nice revamp to the room with our touches here and there. For us,these are the simple things that make the difference.

Hope you enjoy this makeover mamita's and get inspired by the look and feel of this room. Get down with a pen and a paper and write five features you want to change in the existing room. Give yourself's a budget and stick to it! No cheating ladies. Here is a quick snap of how to get the look.


Have a wonderful week ahead.


Moni et Tati

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