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Majagua Makeover with Mamalu Kitchen

Majagua Makeover with Mamalu Kitchen

Black and White is ON


Mamalu Kitchen is here, and we are ready for the full REVEAL of this Black and White Cocina. Let’s make a start and talk about our lovely client!


The lovely genius mama behind this brand is Lama, mama of three, let’s clarify twins (age three) and a little boy (four). And she looks A M A Z I N G.

Not only she is a full time mama, but she has mastered the art of cooking delicious and easy. We have evidenced some of her amazing classes and she definitively has the answer to most of our questions, specially for busy mommys!

Mamalu Kitchen was set up to offer simple, healthy fun cooking classes. Originally, it was designed to teach only nannies how to cook fast and healthy. Nevertheless, as most businesses, the plan was cut loose when she started getting enquiries from other mamas and papas! Being part of her class became the TREND among the mamas.

Each of her classes has a story and a theme, the main focus is on healthy and easy dishes! For instance, my kiddos learnt how to eat vegetables with her hidden secrets. Complete winner! Must go! For more info go to

Aside from her amazing classes and recipes, she had only one minor problem! Her kitchen was not that much fun, and was in need of a major makeover.


Well well well, you will probably identify yourself here, let’s talk about Dubai rental kitchens! Not pretty at all, the whole mix of magnolia walls, bad tiles, and very dark look and feel, was not giving the right vibe! The project didn’t look so big at the outset but at the end there was a lot of onsite work to be done. In addition, we didn't want to spend a lot of money as this was a rental, so we had to be very creative on the sourcing.

This post will show you around where we started, the process and happy ending! We have also our newest addition to our reveals - ''CLICK with C’est ici'' video!! A closer look for you guys to get to know our Latina by heart client!


We were right on track with the client and had very similar style and taste. This ended up to be the easiest decision making process. After the first set of proposals, we were on the same page with the client and this made the process very easy. It was kind of "proposal DONE, accessories DONE and let’s make this happen"!


Our client had already painted the cabinets in matt black and changed the floors, which was already a big change but not the sufficient light and revamp we were looking for. Our "before pictures", were pretty much our starting point. Three things were begging for transformation:

  1. Counter top and tiles

  2. Creating Light

  3. Adding botanicals

As a first step, we incorporated white brick tiles and removed the magnolia paint on the walls. Already a huge change. After a few visits to Dragon Mart, we found the right marble kitchen-friendly counter table. Please note that this was not really solid marble, it was a stone similar to marble, which gave us that marble effect we were looking for. I must say that once the counter-top was done, then we saw the BIG change. Suddenly, the kitchen brightened up and got that glow we were looking for. The addition of the center table from Crate and Barrel was a huge plus.

The budget was small, so we decided to spray paint the cabinet handles, from silver to a rose golden finish. Actually, we first thought of the gold effect but then, we decided on the in-between which turn out to be... VOILA!

All the botanicals are from the Garden Center. Black cups from H & M home, shelves from IKEA, tropical bowl from Urban Nest, salt and pepper from West Elm.

Fruiter from Crate and Barrel, Black tray from Bloomingdales Home. Marble holder for spoons from Crate and Barrel.


Basket from White Moss

Our kind of lipstick! This time, we wanted a very clean approach. At the end, the kitchen is for cooking, so the less accessories the more space we will have to cook. We wanted to keep some of the essentials and implement our famous botanicals. Between succulents, lavender, eucalyptus and indoor climbers, we were set for the show. Lighting was key and this was the last fix we incorporated.

All wood set is from Crate and Barrel.


This happy ending was a very nice revamp for a rental casita. At the end of the day, it is completely unnecessary to invest loads of money in a place that is not ours! (sadly). We hope you liked this post, scroll down to see the fun interview with Mamalu Kitchen.




Photographs by Natelee Cocks

Styling and Design by C'est ici

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