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CASA MIA. The Heart of the Home: Kitchen REVEAL


C’est ici’s ongoing relationship with Cosentino brought light to another “revamp” masterpiece. A perfect combination of design, value, and inspiration with innovative and sustainable solutions of Cosentino’s surfaces. The kitchen was designed to maximize space and flow, using a symmetrical layout and allowing ample natural light inside. The minimalist and organic style was achieved through the use of light oak complimented by Consentino's Dekton Arga, that added a needed texture and movement to the space. The renovation was fast-paced, and the decision to use Dekton Arga proved to be a wise one, adding warmth and personality to the kitchen. The result is a beautiful, functional space that reflects our creative director's personality, love for cooking and entertaining. You can find the full article with Vogue below.


KAGE: Unbreakable bond How to blend fashion with interiors


Introducing Kage's new showroom. A fresh addition to the world of contemporary womenswear fashion, located in Al Qouz, Dubai. Cest ici Design has created a unique space that perfectly complements Kage's fresh approach to fashion for modern woman. The effortless chic & playful way of life is translated directly into the KAGE design. With a laidback aesthetic, their garments are infused with androgyny, effortlessness and imagination – perfect for the stylishly daring girl next door and for the woman who lives life on her own terms – unKAGEd and free.

A space with elegance and grounded canvas to showcase the beautiful, effortless and chic style of KAGE. A cocktail of vibrant items and monochrome color palette, natural-like elements and organic shapes implemented to define and articulate the space with a mix of exotic and extravagant pieces reflected all over the canvas from ceiling, walls, to furnitures and floor.


C'est ici's Design Radar this month Fritz Hansen


C’est ici Design had the pleasure to be invited to Ikon House for the product review where we crossed path with The PK0 A chair, designed and crafted to be timeless. It captures attention with its flowing curves and striking appearance. It's a testament to Kjærholm's attention to detail in aesthetics and materials, a statement piece on its own but also complements any interior. Fritz Hansen saw the birth of PK0 A chair in 1952. Showcasing the designer's exceptional skill and innovative spiriet, ultimately propelling him to a prominent position in global design history.


C'est ici Design BESPOKE What's new in April


While conceptualizing and producing bespoke pieces, one of our go to material is wood and it's always pleasing to incorporate it with other elements like marble or textile, adding visual interest and texture to the finished product. Designing a piece with a mixture of materials is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. The wood delivers that earthy, grounded and warm feel while the marble highlights the dramatic, raw and statement feature. Mixing our favorite materials of concrete, wood and stone, each piece has a unique hint of color adds a touch of vibrancy and personality to the space.

Wood is a versatile component with its colors and textures therefore fabrics come as a complement or a contrast to it. Whether the choice is leather, linen or a pattern it’s an added elevation, softness, and sensibility.

Creating pieces with a blend of materials requires sensibility, careful planning, and an extensive execution process to achieve a cohesive and visually appealing final product.


C'est ici Design Highlights for Milan Design Week 2023


As design enthusiasts, flying to Italy for Milan Design Week is a ritual for us to explore the industry’s latest trends and innovative designs. C’est ici is always on the lookout for the latest creations in architecture, interior and product design. To explore and discover the various installations and exhibits on display throughout the city, to be inspired and satisfy our cravings. We are always excited to be a part of this vibrant event and are eager to share some of our favorite discoveries and spots from installations to designs.




Kettal’s stand for this year’s Salone De Mobile envisioned by the renowned architect and designer Patricia Urqueola. Adopting an architectural approach centered on volumes and spaces, she establishes a conversation between Kettal’s concept and the objects that are part of the collection.


A stunning location in Porta Romana for GUBI


For Milan Design Week 2023, GUBI took over the iconic Bagni Misteriosi to stage an immersive sensory spectacle. GUBI SALONE 2023 brings together cutting-edge contemporary creativity with timeless icons of 20th-century design. Within this extraordinary space, numerous style stories unfold. In and around the baths, a century of design brilliance is curated in one daring, definitive, and ever-evolving collection.


An holistic approach to furniture living with Karimoku


Emerged from shared design values, Karimoku Case Study is a contemporary lifestyle brand, based in Japan and born out of admiration and love for serene beauty, material richness and timeless appeal. With a holistic approach to architecture and design, the studio behind each collection creates a coherent style and setting, working their way from the architectural framework into the interiors and objects within the space, designing for specific needs and structures, rather than merely considering the aesthetic experience.




One of our favorite discoveries. ENNE provides a modern lifestyle that emphasizes the quality of living and working spaces. Developing new products at the junction of design, architecture and art with an attitude of poetic simplicity infused with a tint of contemporary luxury constitutes the ultimate attitude of the brand.




Imperfettolab’s collection unfolds in a dateless timeline, it claims its solid undefined identity, it speaks with an alphabet of archetypal forms such as trunks, pebbles, bubbles, shells, cavities, spheres, bulbs or rocks. The material mastered with skill and knowledge, acquired over more than twenty years, is mainly ibreglass.


Our Favorite Installations Kohler


As a part of Kohler's 150th anniversary, the storied kitchen and bath brand commissioned American artist Janet Echelman to craft an installation that takes over the Palazzo del Senato, the site of Daniel Arsham monumental display last year. (Notably, Echelman is an alum of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and Kohler Co.’s residency program, Arts/Industry.)


A little fashion never hurt anybody: the Louis Vuitton installation


For the sixth year, Louis Vuitton presents the latest additions to the Objets Nomades collection of inventive and functional furniture and design objects at Milan Design Week.


Garden Feeling: Baxter Outdoor


Baxter Outdoor Gallery in Via Turati in Milan is Baxter’s first space dedicated entirely to the outdoors. What initially seemed like a challenge turned out to be a very successful choice. Baxter has succeeded in recreating an actual garden inside a store.


Artemest: Experience Italian Design


For Milan Design Week 2023, Artemest opens the doors of L'Appartamento, an elegant 1930s Milanese apartment curated by six prestigious international interior design firms. L'Appartamento rises in a historic Milanese building in Via Cesare Correnti 14, in the 5Vie district. The unique location provides the perfect backdrop for the six interior design studios to showcase their distinctive creative visions and celebrate Italian craftsmanship and design from their own perspective. Each interior design studio has designed a room of the apartment using exclusively furniture, lighting, home décor, and art by a selection of Artemest Italian artisans, brands, designers, and artists.


Loewe Installation in a lush setting


The end product though, proved to be anything but basic: whether trussed up in woven strips of leather, lengths of raffia, or wonky bows whizzed up from silver foil, Loewe’s offering this year saw the designer in a playful mode.


Last but not least, C'est ici Design Team out & about…



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