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Introducing Brazilian inspired sanctuary ‘São Paulo’ to our April's portfolio.


C’est Ici Design is proud to reveal our recently completed interior design project in the heart of Dubai. The focus was transforming all the interior finishes with a careful curation of furnishings and artwork, creating a family-centered space that is both serene and timeless. We achieved this by incorporating natural and organic colors, tones, and textures, such as light tones of natural stone, oak, and linen, and pairing them with darker and richer accents for a dramatic touch.

Travertine and wood, impervious to trends, were used to add elegance to classic ambiences with a touch of modernity. We have always been fascinated with neutral backdrops and have curated earth accessories, greens, and bespoke furnishings for many of our projects.

Our initial design process involved conceptualizing a highly specific mood and experience for each space, based on our understanding of the clients' lifestyle and brief. The characteristic design language and layout for each area's function and users inspired us to create spaces that emanate a moody atmosphere with deep accents and heavy textures, as well as spaces that exude a calming, light, and airy feel.

Achieving balance, harmony, and flow between all the connected areas was key to our design process. We created an uncluttered yet practical layout for comfortable living that evokes a sense of togetherness. We are thrilled to have crafted a luxurious yet homely space for our clients to enjoy.


BEHIND THE SCENES C'est ici's Team out and about at Bastakiya


We are thrilled to announce that we are undergoing a rebranding process in the upcoming months. With our rebranding, we have aimed to create a visual identity that is more reflective of our design philosophy. We have chosen a natural, earthy palette for all our interior projects, and we have applied the same vision to our logo, graphics, and visual branding.

As part of our rebranding efforts, we recently had a team photoshoot, capturing the essence of our brand and team culture. We are plased to offer you a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes action here. We can't wait to show you the final product, which will be included in our upcoming rebranding reveal. We had the pleasure of working with the lovely Celine Grassy for our team's photoshoot, who beautifully captured the true beauty of Dubai's architecture and the old-world charm seen in its streets. Celine's photography perfectly encapsulates the essence of our brand and identity, and we are thrilled with the results.


C'est ici BESPOKE What's new in April


As we put the finishing touches on our latest projects, we can't help but feel excited about the bespoke furniture pieces we've created. Mixing our favourite materials of concrete, wood and stone, each piece has a unique hint of colour adds a touch of vibrancy and personality to the space.

Get ready to feast your eyes on these stunning creations that we've been crafting - trust us, you won't want to miss out on seeing these pieces in action


C'est ici LOVES CASSINA new showroom


As one of our favourite brands, Cassina, has made a grand entrance into the UAE with the opening of its first store Dubai. The expansive space, spanning over 750 square meters, is located within a charming villa nestled in one of the most sought-after areas on Jumeirah Street The welcoming interiors of the Cassina Store Dubai, curated by renowned designer and Art Director Patricia Urquiola, have been designed to make one feel at home, creating a comfortable and inviting ambiance.


In the spotlight: Ilightyou


Italian brands are showcasing their craftsmanship and innovative design through a dazzling range of statement lighting and installations. From modern chandeliers to whimsical pendants, each piece is a unique work of art that inspires the imagination. The use of materials, intricate shapes, and expert lighting effects create a breath-taking display that showcases Italy's renowned expertise in design. Take a look below to see a roundup of our favourite picks this season. All of these stunning lighting pieces can be sourced from Ilightyou and we are thrilled to include them in our latest projects.

Top Left: Dali Pendant Light Top Right: Moby Dick Light, Karman Lighting Down Left: Modulo Wall Lamp, CTO Lighting Down Right: Hilow Suspension Panzeri


Design Radar


As we continue our ongoing projects, we are excited to incorporate stunning furniture pieces, cladding, tiles, rugs, and artwork that capture the essence of nature and greenery. Our mood and colour palettes draw inspiration from the natural world, featuring earthy greens, luxurious leather accents and striking artwork. Patterned rugs add a touch of texture and depth to the space, while carefully chosen artwork brings a sense of serenity and calmness. We can't wait to see these beautiful elements come together in our completed projects, creating a space that exudes comfort, elegance, and a connection to nature.


Our Architectural Project of the Month Potato Head Studio Resort in Bali


One project that has caught our attention is the design of a luxury resort called Potato Head Studios in Seminyak, Bali around a plaza that is open to the public. While the essence of Bali lies in interaction between different cultures, the ubiquitous resort typology currently in Bali and other tropical destinations paradoxically emphasises hotel guests’ exclusive enjoyment, detached from the life of the local community. Located on one of the last remaining unoccupied beach front sites in Seminyak, the Potato Head Studios challenges the typical resort typology: the notion of “exclusivity” is abandoned; the resort is reconsidered as a part of the local community.

One of the three buildings of Desa Potato Head—a village (desa being the Indonesian translation of village) that includes a beach club and two hotels—the Potato Head Studios is a resort open to the public: it offers private guestrooms and facilities, and public spaces. A floating ring lifted by pilotis accommodates the guestrooms and other functions, including an exhibition space and a large sunset bar. This configuration has resulted in a cultural ground plane, or an open platform, which leads to the beach. The open platform is the centerpiece of the resort—a flexible stage for a range of programs such as festival celebrations, cultural events, and day-to-day leisure activities that welcomes everyone to experience Balinese culture. The use of eye-catching art installations and natural, sustainable materials throughout the space is particularly inspiring to us, as it highlights the importance of incorporating sustainable design practices and locally-sourced materials in our own projects.


Thank you for being a trusted member of our community! We really appreciate your ongoing support, and we hope you enjoy our newsletter as much as we do!



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