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“The art season is a very hectic time so we wanted to consciously create a blissful oasis in the heart of Art Dubai where visitors can take a breather and mingle at leisure in an inspiring outdoor environment''


THE ART Bar by C'est ici Design

A collaboration in partnership with Amphora welcomed visitors at Art Dubai 2023. The ‘Secret Garden’ style F&B concept is the first-of-its-kind at the art fair.


Dubai-based inter-disciplinary studio C’est ici Design puts a chic spin on The Art Bar at Art Dubai this season. Envisioned as a “sweet escape” for visitors, this design collaboration facilitated by marketing consultancy Amphora for Art Dubai, has the ambience of a secluded secret garden. Inspired by the Queen’s Grove at the Palace of Versailles, this aesthetically designed F&B space breaks away from the purely functional dining concepts presented at Art Dubai in previous years. Integrating soft landscaping, floral arrangements, a bespoke bar and handcrafted furniture, the Art Bar elevates visitors’ experience at the fair.

The Art Bar is a chance to indulge in some rustic pleasure – a stark contrast to the atmosphere of the indoor exhibition spaces” said C’est Ici Design’s Founder and Creative Director Monica Arango.

The scheme by C’est Ici Design combines clean lines, soft curves, natural textures, warm earth tones and greenery to create an idyllic space. The concept also features two “Made in Spain” labels – global sustainable surfaces brand Cosentino and décor concept La Nena Home. The alfresco bar is clad with the terracotta-hued Umber and powdery white Albarium from Cosentino’s Dekton Kraftizen collection. The space also features “Posidonia Green” benches dressed in Cosentino’s hybrid mineral surface Silestone, and a merry blend of contemporary furniture, rustic bespoke pieces and accessories from La Nena Home, cherrypicked by the design team. Other project partners include leading paint manufacturer Jotun and luxury event design and floral art brand Maria German Décor. In addition to the Art Bar, C’est Ici Design also revamped the dining and lounge area on the water terrace to align with the secret garden scheme. “We’re glad to have enabled the collaboration between Art Dubai and C’est Ici and facilitated the creation of a beautiful space where visitors will want to linger. This year’s Art Bar has been such a big crowd puller!” enthused Miriam Llano, Founder and Managing Director of Amphora.


C'est ici Design LATEST PROJECTS


A touch of Argentina in Dubai: PUERTO MADERO

We like to find pieces with unique design details but we don't subscribe to one style -it's a mix of several bound by a neutral palette. The design includes a versatile selection of natural finishes and materials, with a palette including woods, concretes, and linens with incorporation of new materials of stone.

We engaged in a variety of tones and patterns to create both cohesion and contrast in the space.


.A PROJECT CLOSE TO OUR LITTLES in collaboration with Nordic Homework Floors featuring Kährs

When it comes to floors, Kährs Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) floors combine the beautiful and natural appearance of wood and stone with all the benefits of modern resilient flooring. LVT flooring is one of our clients’ most popular flooring options as it provides a comfortable underfoot and a sense of relaxation. LVT flooring also has a long life span since it is very durable. It is incredibly functional, practical, and cost-efficient. This flooring option is built to endure the challenges of a commercial setting and is highly durable. It is flexible and water-resistant. And you can use it in dining rooms, living areas, restrooms, and kitchens. Luxury vinyl tiles require less maintenance, are scratch-and-stain-resistant, super easy to install, and have a long lifespan.


C'EST ICI WORK IN PROGRESS A sneak peek on C'est ici Design upcoming projects


PALM DESERT making progress

The BAR: Something specially designed for a special project. A touch of Japandi inspiration along with all things C'est Ici Design.




Combining Mediterranean influences with a contemporary, slow living aesthetic - taking cues from sunny landscapes to embrace warmth, light, and organic elements. This has been translated throughout our Cadiz through the use of natural materials like wood, terracotta tiles, stones as well as "imperfect" finishes like rustic concrete cladding and textured plaster for a textural and tactile vibe.


C'est ici Design LOVES Our essentials for March


Furniture designers are getting more creative with their material choices and designs. This week, there are several trendy furniture selections and materials that are worth taking a closer look at. Experimenting with bold and vibrant colors along with brightly colored chairs and sofas can add a playful pop of color to any room. Colors, patterns, and materials like reds, blues, and coral to leather, marble and stone are particularly a great addition.

Top: B&B Italia, Outdoors From left: B&B Italia, Outdoors GUBI: MR01 Initial Chairs Petraviva Marble Coffee Table

This month's top furniture trends from our favorite brands: B&B Italia, Gubi, Petraviva Marble, Kameh Space, Moooi, &tradition, Tacchini, CC Tapis. Whether you're in the market for a new sofa or simply looking to refresh your space, incorporating one or more of these trends is sure to make a statement in your home.


THE ULTIMATE LUXURY: Malibu Masterpiece by Marc Berger Hunterhouse Design


Located in Malibu’s rolling green hills, lays an expensive horse property with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. This contemporary home is grounded with a warm, neutral colour palette and dramatic stone finishes. A combination of stone, marble, tilework, textures, and timber mixed together to create an eclectic, modern yet vintage look and feel.


Under C'est ici Design Radar: our piece of the month


Newly launched Dubai- born design brand Kameh’ objects are centered around nature and the human self. One of the most representative features of Kameh is that he always appears masked behind his pieces to conceal their identity and more importantly preserve their privacy and maintain focus on the pieces. The aim is for the viewers to enjoy the products and not be concerned about the face behind them. Kameh so is not only the designer but also the brand, the pieces, and the story.

Launched in 2022, the brand’s first collection featured a table (the very first piece in the series), a bench and a mirror appeared as if carved from a huge block of stone which led the brand to be known for its signature minimalist forms and imperfect, weathered texture. Just recently, Kameh partnered with Yango, a well-known international ride-hailing app, to create a totem that would mark the pick-up point at the entrance of Art Dubai Digital, a dedicated new media section for the art fair held from 1 to 5 March 2023, at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai.


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