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Summer DESIGN Trends Materials that elevate your home


Organic luxury that stimulates the senses: Boucle's Charm


Textural, irregular and pleasing to the touch: bouclé fabrics combine strength with a soft hand-feel. Whether interpreted in natural wool fibres, Alpaca, linen or cotton, whether fire-retardant or intended for outdoor use, the collection puts the accent on the generosity of matter and the spontaneity of manufacturing processes, which evoke the typical irregularities of artisanal workmanship. The unevenness of bouclé thread ripples and enlivens the surface and constitutes a precious element of the fabric nature, while conferring a vivid personality and an ever-diversified character.


The beauty of untreated wood: Raw Wood


Raw wood is a timeless trend that brings nature indoors. It adds warmth and texture to any space, making it feel more inviting and cozier. From exposed ceiling beams to furniture pieces, raw wood is an essential element in interior design. Its natural imperfections and unique grain patterns give each piece character and charm, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of the natural world.


An evergreen material: Concrete


Concrete is a versatile and durable material that has become increasingly popular in interior design. Its industrial and minimalist aesthetic adds a modern edge to any space, while its cool tones and smooth texture create a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere. From concrete floors to walls, countertops, and even accessories, this trend is a great way to add a touch of urban chic to your home decor. With its ability to blend seamlessly with other materials such as wood, metal, and glass, concrete offers endless possibilities for creative and innovative design.


The rise of MicroCement


MicroCement, also known as micro-concrete or micro-topping is a cement and polymer-based coating which is thinly applied to floors, walls and in some cases joinery in residential and commercial environments to create a concrete look.


Breezy and light: Textured Linen


Linen adds texture and provide added dimension and warmth to a space. Incorporated in drapery, bedding, cushions, and upholstery, it adds warmth and comfort to a room while maintaining a minimalist style.


C'est ici Design LOVES


Kahrs New Collection

The new “Aware collection" is produced from natural, bio-based materials consisting of natural and recycled fibers from the textile industry, recycled wood and cork, which has enabled a certification by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - one of the strictest environmental labels on the market. Designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of both family life and commercial use, Kährs Aware is a durable floor for those looking for comfort without compromising on durability, design or an authentic wood feeling. The collection contains 9 different rustic and beautiful products where the colors are inspired by national parks around the world - from the white, misty Bwindi forest in southwestern Uganda to the warm brown Rocky Mountains in North America.


Cosentino's New Collection


Introducing Pietra Kode: the Italian stones of yesteryear recoded by DEKTON for tomorrow’s architecture. The new Dekton collection embodies Vitruvius’ principles for a perfect city through three series: Vicenza Kode, Travertine Kode and Ceppo Kode. Through them, his principles are reformulated and given a new meaning that responds to the demands of the architecture and design of the future, while maintaining that shared code of beauty that has evolved over the centuries to connect classicism with modernity.

VICENZA KODE Dekton reinterprets the code of the classic Vicenza stone by reimagining the material that brought to life the villas and palaces of architect Andrea Palladio in the Cinquecento, a staunch defender of the principles of architecture established by Vitruvius. The Collection includes VK01 NEBBIA, VK02 AVORIO, VK03 GRIGIO, VK04 GRAFITE

TRAVERTINE KODE Travertine Kode recodes the stone out of which Rome was built into a new technological vision of the material that made classical art shine and inspired Renaissance architecture. Thanks to Dekton’s unique ultra-compaction process, the stone retains its beauty and properties. The Collection included TK05 SABBIA and TK06 MARMORIO CEPPO KODE The Ceppo di Gré stone wrote the history of architecture in Milan and today, Dekton rewrites it, reinterpreting its beauty and character to design spaces that inspire us and connect us with nature. The distinctive blue-grey multiform structure of the Italian Ceppo di Gré stone inspires this unique colour. An unmistakable pebbled pattern that is ideal for both indoors and outdoors and whose timeless design makes it a perfect choice for a classic or modern look, as a complement to a rustic style or as a highlight in industrial and avant-garde environments.


New additions to the JOTUN Family: Exterior New Product


Jotashield Eterna and Kanva Jotun Paints UAE introduces two innovations to its ‘Jotashield’ range of premium, high-quality exterior paints with long-lasting protection and advanced colour performance properties. Developed regionally by the brand’s Research & Development (R&D) team, the paints have been formulated for durability and dust resistance to protect homes and buildings from damage caused by the region’s harsh climes. Based on the latest market needs and trends, the paints are available as smooth and textured finishes to reflect customers’ aesthetic styles and preferences. Each finish blocks dust particles from penetrating the paints’ film, better protecting exterior walls against weathering and fading, reducing the need for regular maintenance. Jotashield Eterna and Kanva are available in Jotun’s UAE stores, with the rest of the GCC and Egypt to follow by September 2023.


ADL Doors and Partitions


In 2004, designer Massimo Luca conceived the ADL project, with the aim of creating technologically advanced products that are also interior architectural elements. His experience in the field of design, combined with his way of thinking, which looks towards the future, determined the direction of the company. ADL focuses on creating doors that are not simply furnishing items, but which complete a room by becoming part of it. ADL doors stand out because they transform into doorways that sub-divide rather than divide spaces, at the same time connecting them, creating what Ludwig Mies van der Rohe defined as “flowing spaces”. Available at Purity Showroom.


C'est ici's Work in Progress Updates


CADIZ The villa combines Mediterranean influences with a contemporary, slow living aesthetic — taking cues from sunny landscapes to embrace warmth, light, and organic elements. C’est ici applies minimalist principles to create this practical yet chic design reflecting our brand’s signature style of an interior, on that elegantly incorporates the client's personalities and aesthetic.

VILLA 37 HIGHLIGHT: THE BATHROOMS The bathroom fixtures would also reflect a modern and minimalist design, with clean lines and simple shapes. The use of large mirrors would further enhance the spacious feel of the room while providing a functional element for the users. Furthermore, the use of cove lighting would further enhance and upgrade the whole look, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance while highlighting the exquisite materials used in all the spaces. This contemporary design would combine elegance with a neutral look, resulting in a bathroom that is both stylish and timeless.


A Sneak Peek Bespoke gems of the month



C'est ici Design at INDEX Dubai


Our Founder & Creative Director was one of the IMPRO panelists who attended the INDEX DESIGN TALKS. Different topics were covered and in the specifics, Monica have been asked how designer life has changed after COVID and if designers should be paid and how much. It was very interesting to hear how the life of clients after COVID has led to a significant focus on their homes, resulting in a Boom in the residential sector. With increased time spent indoors and a desire for a safe and comfortable living environment, individuals have invested heavily in home renovations, upgrades, and real estate purchases. With the rise of remote work, people started to prioritize their living and working spaces, and began incorporating elements of comfort and personalization into their home offices. However, changes have happened also in the workspaces which also underwent a transformation after COVID, becoming more residential and homely to enhance work lives. By bringing elements of home into the workspace, people aimed to cultivate a more comfortable and stimulating atmosphere, allowing for enhanced creativity and a sense of well-being. This shift aimed to blur the line between work and home, creating a harmonious and enjoyable space for professional endeavors.

Moving on to the second topic, Monica also emphasized the importance on how any job, at any level should be retributed but also how each and every single step of a career is important and should be taken with the right amount of enthusiasm, willpower and commitment, giving importance not only to the bigger picture but also to the small detail. Overall the experience was a very informative one, a melting pot of different cultures and products all together under the same roof.


A conversation with Monochrome


In May, our team had the pleasure of hosting a workshop with Monochrome. A rainbow of topics was covered on how the elevate the residential experience with a twist of hospitality feels. Amongst all, we particularly enjoyed the following key points that should always be taken into consideration. LUXURY MATERIALS AND FINISHES Incorporate high-quality materials and finish- es commonly found in luxury hotels. This may include luxurious fabrics, rich in texture and patterns, premium leather, exquisite stone or marble surfaces, brushed metals and crafted woodwork. Ensure to have attention to detail to elevate the overall aesthetic. LIGHTING DESIGN Pay special attention to lighting design to create a luxurious ambiance. Use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to high- light architectural features, artwork, and focal points. Consider installing dimmers and smart lighting controls to adjust lighting levels ac- cording to different moods and activities.

SPACIOUS AND OPEN LAYOUTS Emphasize open and spacious layouts remi- niscent of luxury hotel suites. Incorporate gen- erous living areas, expansive bedrooms, and open-plan kitchens and dining spaces. Con- sider using architectural features like high ceil- ings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and open sight- lines to create a sense of grandeur. BED AND BATH EXPERIENCE Design bedrooms and bathrooms with a focus on comfort and indulgence. Include plush bed- ding, high-quality linens, ample storage, and luxurious ensuite bathrooms with spa-like features such as bathtubs, rainfall showers, and high-end fixtures. to create a relaxing and pampering atmosphere.


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