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From Toddler to Little Boy

Gaby's Safari Makeover

House bed , Rawr cushion, Hello Cushion, Glow in the dark bulb cushion, Cactus Cushion from Love JOVA. Art frame from Georges of Dubai, Planters from Maison du Monde, Blue pillow from Ikea, Accent pillows from H & M home, Rattan chair from White Moss, Wood Raw shelves from Ace, Rope from Creative Minds, basket from Pottery Barn, Grey Rug from Crate and Barrel, Runner from The Bowery Company.

It’s time for the little ones and this one is mine! Makeover by request directly from Gaby, my little boy aged, two and a half. After our beautiful summer, we had quite interesting come back situation, Gaby did not want to sleep in his crib! “It is for babies mami” - really? My only little baby at home wanted to go to a big boy's bed before his time. After tears, many hours of making him to sleep, we just had to change his bed and of course turning this one tiny little detail turned into a M A K E O V E R.

Any excuse is good for us! We wanted to keep the dominant features of the room but tweak the color palette and direction of the look and feel. The less babyish and more boyish feel.

My first question was directly to Gaby? How would you like your bed to look? His answer was straight to the point ''I like a little house with elephants and sharks. There you go, my search went directly to LOVE JOBA - they had pretty much everything we needed.

We are delighted to reveal this room. Scroll down to see how to transform a toddler's room into a big boy's room in four easy steps. We hope you like this reveal.

Step 1: KEEP it or LEAVE it

As a first step, make a list of the things that you want to leave, and head to Dubizzle to sell the things that you want to change. ( Still in the process of selling my old stuff).


When we first designed the room, we wanted a vintage safari theme without being too babyish. Now, we realized that it was a good decision as we still loved the dominant feature of the room - the wall paper and lattes' color palette. In the end, we didn't have to change that much. On this lines, we decided to keep the original wall paper from Little Luxuries. Instead, we changed the upper wall color to our favorite white shade from Jotun 'skylight'. From beige to white, the light of the room changed significantly and suddenly the room looked bigger.

Step 2: Definition of COLOR PALETTE

While we wanted to keep some elements of the previous color palette, we definitively wanted to remove the aquamarine and light blue shades. Instead, we incorporated a completely new shade. This time we went for MIDNIGHT BLUE from Jotun and a few shades below. Between caramel and lattes we completed our look.

Have a snap of the changes in color palettes and details of the room.

From flat sheets to accessories, we incorporated our accent color and we saw the change immediately. It was suddenly a big boy's room.

Step 3: Newbies & Love Joba

Let's talk about the Love Joba full stop. Have you seen their dreamy new children’s collection? Cuteness at it's max. Very much in common, the founder, is a mama of three little ones and left the corporate world to this beautiful online store full of curiosities.

Our first choice was the single white House Bed. If you're after an adorable and enticing sleeping space, JoBa house-framed beds could be the perfect solution for you! This adorable bed-house can make transitioning from a cot to a bed a fun process and you can be rest assured your little love is safe, as the frame sits on the floor. We went this time for standard white and emphasized in adding our accent midnight blue in the accessories. Spot some of our top picks.

House bed , Rawr cushion, Hello Cushion, Glow in the dark bulb cushion, Cactus Cushion from Love JOVA. Runner from the The Bowery Company,

Grey Knot Cushion from Love JOVA.

Step 4 : Accent Features and Little things

In order to keep the flow of the room, we decided to go for the three drawers chest from IKEA and reinvent the color shade and knobs. ''Always super handy and not very expensive. A simple design in untreated solid wood. It’s beautiful as it is or you can stain, paint or wax it just as you like to create a personally designed chest of drawers''. Lastly, we added simple white knobs from Zara Home to give it a little tweak.

In addition, we added a few items from creative minds which were customized and hand painted in white and midnight blue. The accessories didn't cost a lot and made that kind of feel we were looking for - cute and cozy.

The end result of this makeover = Gaby was over the moon with his new room. He couldn't stop jumping up and down, and showing off his little space to his little buddies. Most importantly, he sleeps like a baby - 12 hours straight! (cross fingers this will be the case in the future).

Hope you liked this makeover.


Photographs by Natelee Cocks

Styling and Decor by C'est ici

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