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Ready, Steady,Style!


'The little ones edition'

In collaboration with WHITE MOSS

Is it time to revamp your little ones play area or recreate the existing one? Is this an ongoing messy issue at home? We feel 2019 is all about detox, declutter and shedding any excess of unnecessary items in our lives. Play areas in particular tend to be one of trickiest areas at home and in need of help.

So, what makes a good and practical play area? In general, play rooms are the synonym of messy areas (except the ones on our Instagram page- which are staged :). Let’s be honest, kids are kids and no matter how you have structured the layout of the play room, toys will be always around. That said, we got the formula to get around the mess and turn this into a useful and practical space! At Ces’t ici we love to engage design with practicality.

This time it was all about WHITE MOSS 'the little ones' edition'. This post is a fun one. And we are super excited to reveal our latest collaboration with our loveliest friend and founder of White Moss.

Let’s start by introducing you to one of our favorite hand craft brands in Dubai - WHITE MOSS. We not only love all the beautiful pieces but we absolutely love the story behind! Remember there is always a story behind a brand.

'White Moss believes our homes are reflections of who we are and how we feel. In today’s fast paced society, White Moss recognises the power of simplicity and nature in your home, creating a sense of peace and inner calm. And so the White Moss décor collection was born, working with artisans to hand craft genuine products, infused with soul, using beautiful natural materials, in a neutral colour pallet, working in harmony with any home and complementing any colour and style'

We are delighted to show you around and have a glimpse of White Moss' new collection for the little ones!


So, what happens when one of your dearest and talented mamas in town calls you for a collaboration along with the súper creative girls from House of Hawkes? You say YES, YES and YES! Kath and her team have an impeccable taste and we were excited to style up White Moss' new collection!

On our first meeting we did a draw in order to decide the room each of the interior teams would style. We secretly suspected HOH team wanted the guest room and we wanted the play room... so guess what? We got what we wanted. Dream Team. We had to complete three challenges within the course of the day.(i) the makeover of the designated space with White Moss' new collection within three hours (2) complete a shelfie challenge (3) complete the wall art challenge.

While we didn't have much planning before hand, we definitively had in mind the style we were going for. The beauty about this collaboration was the help of each other in the course of the styling. I mean.... serious women power... by the way, is super nice to see how we were so happy to help each other and twick things on each other spaces. I mean, let’s talk about Charlie... and her magic handy man skills ... or Kath’s new Samsung phone which takes basically professional pics... all and all, we had a super fun afternoon and most importantly Leanne was happy with the end result.


So, let’s kick off by telling you a little bit of our work behind the scenes. Leanne wanted to transform the space from a family room to a play area. The area was a little tricky as it was within an open space and next to the kitchen, so we had to blend the spaces and color palettes.


​1. Ikea Kitchen Makeover

Guys, this one, we wanted to do for a while! I don’t have little girls and Tati’s girl is way past this stage!! When Leanne showed us Phoenix's little ikea kitchen, we were super excited to turn around this one! First call was of course - the color palette. Is White Moss, so basically white and a soft palette was a most! The kitchen included two shades, transparent pink from Jotun and plain skylight white. Believe it or not, the painting job for this one was a little bit tricky. Final touch was from our loveliest friend from Paper Pop, who helped us to source the wall paper in less than three days. You can get this beautiful classic but timeless herringbone print with them. Works equally well in children's rooms, and living spaces.Note that we added a wood piece for the back of the kitchen which we then used the wall paper for.

2. White Moss for little ones'

Natural feels and textures were definitively switch on. White Moss' new collection for kids is all about natural materials such as rattan and cane. Natural elements have been making their way into the modern nursery since last season. Unfinished wood, rattan and cane, has been widely popular in nursery furniture, but now we’re seeing this trend expand and take on a light and airy look that goes well beyond just a natural wood crib. To get this look, you’ll want to keep in mind the key to creating a light and natural nursery or kid’s room isn’t just about the looks. It’s what’s inside that matters.

Check our adorable picks for the styling day, you can find all these items online.

3. The Cane Master piece

If you are interior junkie like us, you probably know the new kidz in town FRONTERIORS and their new approach to ikea hacks and natural materials such as cane! Genious!! We obviously had to display this master piece in our styling session! We are definitively ordering a few of these beauties.

4. Wall Art

Artsy with a pinch of White Moss! Aside from the amazing new collection, you can source all of this beautiful art pieces online . Check out our picks.

5. C’est ici Touches

All the above is quite relevant but the most important part of the process is to for the kids to have fun! Build what they like and be practical about it. At C’est ici most of our advice and interior consultations are all about making it personal. All our clients have different needs, and the key is to focus on that. We love to create that uniqueness to design and avoid the labelling of the style. Free spirit and design are ruling and creating your style is definitively ON. Imperfection here we come, is all about what you feel and how you express you likes is very much on C’est ici lines.

For this one, our styling was very WHITE MOSS.


Have a sneak peek of our video recap of this super fun day!

We hope you like this post.

Lot's of love

Moni et Tati


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