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A Paridian Paradise : Paros

Good design is more than just elegant form and pleasing colours. It is about building a sturdy space that provides you with calmness and warmth for years to come. The living and dining space of this home emanates a sense of lasting serenity and sensitivity that has everything a home might need, from modern silhouettes to practical and comfortable essentials.

After teasing you with glimpses of our Paros project, we can finally walk you through the exciting journey- all the way from the birth of the idea, to the finishing touches. One of our most rapid handovers to date, the design and execution of the Paros project was completed in less than six weeks, resulting in a look we could not help but be proud of. With a large open-plan layout and high ceilings, the villa makes for a beautiful canvas for work. It is the apt location for C’est Ici’s curation of interior décor and the many bespoke beauties by Falcon Interiors. The space itself is filled with serene tones, multi-dimensional textures, and bright big windows that shower the space with ample natural light. Starting with our design direction, the influences and style, here is the breakdown of our journey through this project.

Influences and style

A cycladic affair- rings a bell? A sense of déjà vu for all of us here! The art and design language of the Cyclades was yet again a major influence for this setting as it makes for the ideal approach to bring the look and feel envisioned for this project. The goal of the design was to recreate the eclectic art of shapes, objects and textures found in the Greek and Mediterranean islands, where the aesthetics of subtlety and delicacy reign strong. We choose the language of the Cyclades, as it aligns beautifully with C’est Ici’s own design philosophy and approach to aesthetics and functionality. We believe that functionality is convenience, and C’est Ici’s own designs marry creativity with earthy simplicity. After understanding our client’s feelings, needs and concerns, we put together a mood board of all these ideas that was a representation of their personal style, along with the cycladic charm we collectively wanted to achieve here.

The Design Process

Achieving aesthetic uniformity, while retaining distinctive touches in the living and dining spaces is the key challenge of an open-plan space. To maintain continuity and a unified tone, the material palette is restrained and kept minimal with dominating natural textures. The soothing beige wall treatment on one side and the window openings on the opposite walls, in both the living and dining spaces, create symmetry and a continuous effect when receiving the praise of the natural light penetrating through the ample windows. The finished design plan resulted in a modern, functional home that was comfortable with a white base filled with demure accents in terracotta, black and warm beige.

Wall Features

A minimalist design is usually about bare walls that are often left pure white. The feature wall is more of a backdrop than a standout accent of our overall design. The eye-catching neutral molding on the same line of walls in the living and dining spaces is a common element in traditional Parisian interiors; we carefully tweak this to look modern, sleek and ever-so-slightly ornate in our design. A clean framework of perfect squares with slim and clean molding was all the detail required to make sure this structure was not overpowering the other elements of the space.

Statement Accessories

We always believe that styling can be the magic that pulls everything together and makes a house a home. Whether it’s a vase of fresh flowers on your table or a bowl to store your keys on a console, or even a pedestal to display books and prized possessions, adding layers of function to your home will be sure to bring dimension to it (provided they are the right pieces, of course!). The curation of accessories was sourced from popular contemporary brands like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and others, alongside locally sourced companies such as Urban Nest, Minimal White and The Bowery Company. Foliage of all kinds--fresh, dried, bushy, name it- were incorporated in every corner of the area to add natural vibrancy and tie the scheme together. Have a look at the accessories selection, all in different sizes, forms and textures, and yet harmoniously integrated.

Bespoke Art

Breaking rules of excess ornamentation in minimalism, the bespoke art commissioned by C’est Ici fits beautifully in the featured framework wall. While sometimes easy to overdo treatment, the artwork and a floating storage unit on the same wall, created a pictorial unity in this case. The square artwork complements the square floor tiling and wall treatment perfectly, while the soft curves in the art piece mimic the round shapes of the decor pieces and pots. The ideal recipe for a clean but homely living is incorporating and achieving balance of all forms of geometry in every element of the design.

Furniture Selection

Following our eternal love for curves and simple forms, it is hardly a surprise that our selection of furniture is along the same lines of minimal, softly structured pieces in complementary tones and textures. Each piece is a work of art on its own; and when brought together, they produce a dynamic effect. C’est Ici has taken an artistic approach to the composition of space in this project. Sculpted forms, earthy textures, natural materials are carefully balanced, mediating organic and modern elements with clear intent. The house is generous in both its spaciousness and the quality of finish.

Options for days

Our options are always pieces that are more than simply backups- they might have not made the cut for this project, but they are pieces that inspire us for future makeovers. Check out the furniture and lighting options that we were also crushing along the way. We always give our clients a mix of bespoke ideas and options that are readily available in the market. This flexibility does not inhibit our creativity and also allows them the freedom of choice. Having only one option is never an option!

The Living

A palette of neutrals and whites is observed in the living space. The lack of prints and patterns and a pure play of tone on tone textures creates a timeless family home, beautifully crafted with obsessive detail and refined materials. The sherpa sofa upholstery and natural oak side table blend together with the matte white lacquered coffee table and textured monochromatic carpet.

Delicious Details

Let’s get up close and personal with our lovely accessories and decor pieces sourced primarily from 101 CPH, Urban Nest and Crate and Barrel. Soft geometry, delicate curves, strong lines of the bespoke units and the sumptuous silhouette of the retro lounge chair were our strongest visual links. “Simplicity carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.”

The Dining

We love how the look in the dining feels minimal and dimensional at the same time. Although this space contains both light and dark tones, the deep blue upholstery and powder coated black steel of the HK Living dining chairs contrast the simplicity of the table from Crate and Barrel perfectly, creating a stunning juxtaposition. The curves of the chairs and ceiling lighting by Finnish Design paired with the straight-lined table create depth and drama while the oversized glass vase and Birds of Paradise plant draw the eye to the centre of this open plan layout.

Written by Zarfeen Hameed

Photography by Taru Goyal

Styling & Decor: C'est ici

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